Jerry BrassfieldJerry Brassfield is an Entrepreneur from California. He founded GNLD, a global health and wellness company, parent company to NeoLife, as well as other successful ventures including auto dealerships, restaurant chains, and real estate. His passion is helping others to cultivate success in business as well as a well rounded life.

Recently I have encountered many people that ask me how I have managed to have multiple successful businesses and still find time to be with my family and live a balanced life.

This seems to be a challenge that many of us face as responsibilities compound in our daily lives, and I am not exempt facing struggles of this nature in my own life. But one thing I have realized is that focus is the key to a balanced life.

Over the years, with the profits I have made from being a Distributor and founding GNLD, I have made successful investments, but the majority have been into companies that already have strong management in place and therefore don’t take up much of my time, if any at all. That has allowed me to focus the majority of my work related efforts into GNLD and NeoLife because that is my passion and where I can have the biggest impact on those around me.

For example, I have a group of auto dealerships but have never given a presentation to them or had communication with the sales staff. I also own equity in restaurant chains, but I don’t present or give talks to the restaurant staff or customers. Instead I focus on being the best I can be and have the most value in one company.

Focus is the only way we can live a balanced life. It allows for the maximum amount of effort to be put into the activities that yield the highest results, and then the rest of your time can be spent focused on the other important areas of life like family, physical health, and spiritual health.

A balanced life is so important to maintaining a fruitful and happy life. If you neglect any of the important areas I mentioned like work, family, physical health, or spiritual health, then it tends to have a negative impact on all the other areas. Imagine not taking care of your health, then getting morbidly obese, and then trying to play with your children. Or imagine the problems you could have with your family if you only focused on work and became a slave to your job with time for nothing else.

Something so unique about the GNLD and NeoLife opportunity is that it allows for the integration of all the areas of a balanced life and actually benefits from that symbiotic relationship. We are able to have a focus on our health and the health of those we care about and make that into a fruitful business. Our families can be a part of our business and benefit from it for generations to come. Then we can simultaneously go through a continuous process of personal development including strengthening our spiritual health, which will lead to becoming a better version of ourselves.

I look forward to partnering with the NeoLife family in 2014 to change more lives around the world than ever before.

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  1. I am very very happy because GNLD products is in my country, Romania.With GNLD products a save my brest,don’t cut by doctor recomended.With GR2 Control and new NEOLIFE program I lost 47 kg.I am proud I am part of GNLD family.Gad bless you Jerry Brassfield!

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