Tips from NeoLife Challenge Coach Jessica Trautner

Some of us are lucky enough to have active jobs where we can move around. But the sad truth is that many of us sit at a desk for 8-10 hours a day with little activity and movement. Then we go straight home and sit at the table for dinner or relax on the couch reading or watching tv.

With so much going on in our daily lives it seems tough to squeeze in some exercise or cook a healthy dinner. Luckily we’ve got some tips to stay healthy during the workday!

6 Tips to a Healthier Workday:

1. Park Further
Don’t pull into the closest parking spot to the office. Park some distance away so you get in some extra steps before and after work.

2. Break every Hour
Get up from your desk every 90 minutes to do some exercises. Do toe touches, lunges or squats, anything that gets your blood pumping. At NeoLife HQ we keep small 10-12 lb weights by our desks and do a set each time we take a break.

3. Snack Healthy
Office pastries and frappaccinos are the enemy! Store NeoLifeBar and NeoLifeTea in your drawers, so you aren’t tempted to grab those Friday donuts or splurge on creamy caffeine. Snacking healthy will also prevent you from binge eating come lunchtime.

4. Take Calls Outside
Know you have a call coming up? Then grab your phone and take it outside- walk around the building instead of sitting at your desk. These little movements add up and keep you more energized and focused throughout the day.

5. Step It Up
Say goodbye to elevators and escalators. The stairs are now your new best friend! I mean it is summer time, work your legs and booty!

6. Cube Buddy
Ask a co-worker to keep you accountable to your health goals. Mix up a NeoLifeShake and use the extra time you saved at lunch to go for a walk. You’ll still get that time to hang with your cube buddy and get in some extra activity! Talk about a bonus!

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