We all want it, but what does that mean?

I think too often we see wealth and prosperity glamorized to the point that we start believing it comes easy. TV dramas show rich people relaxing all day in the Hamptons or on a mega yacht or at lavish parties. But what they don’t show are the long days and weekends spent working nonstop, the declined birthday and wedding invitations, and the travel schedules that would make many people throw in the towel saying “it just isn’t worth it”.

The reason I point this out is that I believe everyone wanting financial success should be prepared for the challenges they will face and the sacrifices they will need to make. And I believe with all my heart that if you want it for the right reasons, make wise decisions, and make the necessary sacrifices you can have success with the NeoLife opportunity.

I know this from personal experience. When I first started out as a Distributor, I sometimes didn’t know if I would even be able to put food on the table for my family at the end of the day. If you’ve experienced that feeling then you know how motivating it can be. Each morning I would leave the house with ten dried beans in my right pocket representing a goal to talk to ten people about the opportunity and each time I talked to someone I would throw one bean away. I didn’t go home until my pocket was empty, no exceptions. Often times, that meant working twice as long as the average person, since I also had a full time job selling tires. But I knew I wanted more out of life and was willing to make the sacrifice.

Not many people are surprised at the sacrifices made when first starting out because we accept the notion of working your way up from the bottom. But what about once you are at “the top”? The bigger my organization grew, the more and more time was required to nurture it. People aren’t just statistics or sales figures, and a business can’t survive if we treat them that way. I had to pour my heart and soul into helping others achieve their dreams alongside me and love them as I would love my own family and myself. So the sacrifices not only continued, they grew. And the more success we have, the more responsibilities we have, and the more we are at risk to lose if we aren’t willing to make the sacrifices.

But I also want to tell you that it’s totally worth it! We can continuously strive to do our best to find balance between work, family, and spiritual strength and life becomes a beautifully messy journey. We will most definitely make mistakes and need forgiveness from loved ones. Because of working, I missed my daughter Kendra’s high school graduation and she felt hurt by that. But, along with God’s grace, she was able to forgive me because of an understanding that this sacrifice needed to be made. And because she saw what it takes she can now apply that to her own life.

Through our own actions we can show others what success truly looks like. Success is not defined by living a life of abundance and frivolity. But success is defined by living a life of sacrifice, service, and love for others that allows us to make a positive difference in the world.

God Bless,

Jerry Brassfield