beyond_organicThe demand for organic products has increased dramatically in the past decade. Consumers understand the importance of organically grown food, the effects of pesticide use on crops and surrounding areas, and are becoming more and more critical of the conditions under which their food is grown and processed. Despite the desire for organic, this certification doesn’t necessarily mean contaminant free; crop drift from conventional crops can lead to some contaminants impacting even certified organic crops.

This’s why NeoLife doesn’t release any product unless all steps of inspection, analysis, processing, and quality control are followed. For example, each raw material must pass our stringent quality control process before going into any NeoLife product. But what you may not realize is that we use thousands of raw materials to manufacture our products! The types and number of tests vary for every raw material and are performed by NeoLife and our global quality assurance and control system. Our testing protocols follow the U.S. and British Pharmacopoeia, the American Organization of Analytical Chemists, and the Food Chemical Codex. Should any raw material not pass our Quality Control procedures, we refuse to use any of that batch in our products.

In addition to our own ongoing laboratory analysis, we also require certifications of potency and purity from qualified suppliers, each of whom must comply with our quality standards. Routine analyses of our ingredients by outside labs, which follow strict testing protocols, confirm that our products meet our standards of safety and purity.

We go far beyond the quality parameters of third-party certified organic through our rigorous quality system of evaluating, testing, and monitoring each and every ingredient to meet our strict specification of “zero tolerance” for contaminants. As a result, there is no doubt you can trust in the safety and purity of our products for yourselves and your family.

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