90-Day Fitness Challenge Winner
Ashley Fox

1. What was your motivation for joining the 90-Day Challenge?
I’ve been a fitness instructor for over 10 years now and have loved every minute of it. But, just as I encourage my participants to do, it is important to keep your body guessing. I wanted to ‘shake up’ my routine by introducing something new that was physically and mentally challenging- it’s important to lead by example.

2. What was your 90-Day goal?
My goal was to become fully certified as a kick-boxing instructor and begin teaching my own class.

3. How did your Health Pack help you to achieve your goal?
The energy I get from NeoLifeShake helps me maintain my enthusiasm for learning and executingbreakfast_pack2 great, high-intensity classes.* I don’t feel bogged down or heavy after my shake which is important when it comes to all the jumping and kicking.

4. How has the Challenge positively impacted your life?
This challenge has given me direction, something to strive for. Having goals is always motivating and a great driving force.

ashley_fox35. What is one tip you would give to someone new to the Challenge?
Commit. That’s really all there is to it. Prioritize your own health and fitness in your day. This MAY mean getting up earlier or prepping food ahead of time- but, I promise you, it’s SO worth it. You will begin to see the transformation of your lifestyle over the 90 days, and it’ll just stick!

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