My name is William Mihalski.  I am happily married to my wife Bridgett and we have 8 beautiful children.  The day before Thanksgiving, November 25, 2015, I was out in the woods with six of my children cutting wood when the chainsaw twisted on me as I was cutting through a small stick that my daughter was holding.  The chainsaw went into my leg, just a bit above the ankle bone.  I missed the artery, main nerve, and the bone (thanks be to God!), but I hit two of my tendons.  Although not completely severed, the tendons were cut and “chewed up” by the teeth on the chainsaw.  My children got me back to the house, where I was put into the car and rushed to the emergency room.

I had surgery done to stitch the two tendons back together and the two large gashes that were in my ankle.  A friend, Gina Ellis, introduced us to NeoLife and I went on Salmon Oil Plus, Cal-Mag and Vitamin C.  I was given orders by my surgeon to put no pressure on my foot for six weeks.  After the six weeks were up, I was told by the therapist and surgeon to slowly begin putting light pressure on the foot.  When I met with my therapist the first time, I had asked her if I would be running by summertime, and she gave me the “I don’t know if that will happen” look.  She could make no guarantees on my progress because of the severity of the injury.  By approximately the 9th week, I was walking on the foot without crutches.

william_mihalskiI continued the vitamins and the therapy for a couple of months, going slowly so that I would not re-injure the tendons.  My surgeon said that my progress was coming along nicely.  I was transferred to a therapist closer to my home and he worked with me initially twice a week for approximately three weeks or so and then we went to one day a week.  By mid March and April, we met only once every three to four weeks.  He told me that I had progressed to the point where I didn’t need to see him unless I was experiencing problems.

On March 21st, I signed up to take the 30-Day Fitness Challenge using the Vitality Pack.  My goal was to walk and/or jog for 15 – 30 minutes at least three to four times a week.  I also continued my therapy exercises and I am happy to say that by the end of the challenge, I am able to run on my foot at approximately 80% of my normal speed without experiencing any pain.  I am able to walk on hills and over rugged terrain without experiencing any soreness or pain.  I feel that I am on my way to a full recovery and that by summer time, I am convinced that I will be able to run at 100% with no side effects.  Thank you NeoLife!


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