2016 Men’s Fitness Challenge Champion
Chase Cochran

“My passion has always been serving others, which is why I’m involved in a youth ministry. I experienced first hand that you can’t give to people when you’re in debt. So when I graduated from college, I knew NeoLife was the best way for me to fulfill my purpose.

I joined the Challenge to push myself physically and also to lead by example for my business. I experienced amazing results on the 30-Day Challenge and noticed how my results were inspiring others and motivating them to start using NeoLife! So I stuck with it to show people that NeoLife can help you to ‘Be Your Best’ just as it does for me! I trained for and rowed a half-marathon in 91 minutes, a popular workout at the Cross Fit Games. I also strengthened my core and was able achieve a long time goal of mine – a handstand hold, for 30 seconds! I hit all of my goals with NeoLife and consistent training!

The Challenge has helped me grow mentally and physically! It brought community and support to my life and my training! I want everyone to experience the same health, vitality and quality of life.”

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