noah_odaniel$1,000 Fitness Challenge Winner
Noah O’Daniel

“I have tried so many different types of protein and vitamin supplements but I’ve never really seen a big difference. I heard about NeoLife and decided to give it a shot. After just 30 days on the Vitality Pack, I can’t even believe how far I’ve come. I went from deadlifting 325 pounds up to 350 – a 25 pound increase! I’d never ran a timed 5k, so this was new for me and pretty tough. My first time was 28:30 and by the end of the month, I exceeded my 25 minute goal with a 23:40 time! I’m also proud to say I worked up to 4 consecutive muscle-ups, which has always been super challenging for me. Overall, the Vitality Pack boosts my energy levels and helps my recovery allowing me to workout almost everyday without getting really sore which I love!”*



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