vegas_or_bustAre You Ready?
Going on road trips is one of the best parts of summer and a road trip to #NeoLifeConvention2017 in Las Vegas is even better! Sometimes it’s hard to remember all the essentials in the midst of all the excitement, so we’ve rounded up a packing list to consider before you hit the road.

Check list of Road trip must-haves:
NeoLifeTea to keep you energized on the road.

◻ Healthy snacks are a must to keep you full during traffic. Pack some fruit and nuts in small containers and a box of NeoLifeBar.

◻ NeoLifeShake and NeoLife Blender Bottle is a great way to have your meal on-the-go without having to make a stop at a fast food chain and you’ll save money too.

Business casual clothes to wear at Convention. And don’t forget to pack NeoLifeGear to workout in – your health goals don’t pause on vacation.

Neolife Podcast and Audio Books – It’s no fun listening to the same old song on the radio for hours on the road. Listen to the NeoLife Podcast for endless topics as the miles go by, or download some audio books to listen to such as:
1. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
3. Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre

Camera/smartphone camera – to capture the Kodak moments with your NeoLife family at Convention.

Cell phone, laptop and camera chargers – you want to have your gadgets ready and charged up at all times while at Convention. Don’t miss out on capturing important messages from speakers and leaders.

NeoLife Promoter business cards – there will be tons of NeoLifers at Convention and exchanging business cards is a great way to stay in touch and also great for exchanging contacts with prospects.

Cash or credit card – you’ll need cash for bridge/highway tolls and some Mom n’ Pop stores you might stop at may only accept cash. You’ll also be able to buy exclusive NeoLifeGear with cash or credit…and if you’re lucky, a couple of bucks may go far in Vegas!

Your Team – ride together, or better yet, get a bus.

◻ Last but not least, pack up your excitement – you’re going to Convention!

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