runningMore Benefits for Sport from NeoLife Glucose Balance Ingredients: Turmeric and Curcumin

By Dr. Diane E. Clayton, SAB Member

The yellow pigment curcumin from the spice turmeric is widely used in traditional Indian cuisine and is now increasingly popular as a dietary supplement. The popularity of curcumin stems from the numerous reports that it has the ability to reduce the low-level inflammation associated with a host of chronic diseases 1. Curcumin works to dampen inflammatory responses in a variety of ways in the body and this is an area of intense research. The biological effects of curcumin are usually attributed to the presence of polyphenolic compounds, known as “curcuminoids”.

Exciting new results on curcumin have now emerged from the area of sports science and nutrition. This study adds to the knowledge base about exactly how curcumin works to dampen inflammation in the body.

Previous studies targeting the area of “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” (DOMS) have highlighted the possible benefits of curcumin supplements on muscle recovery following intense exercise. Curcumin supplements of only 200- 400mg, for as little as 4-6 days (2 days before exercise and 2-4 days after) have been reported to reduce inflammation and improve muscle recovery after performance 2, 3. These levels are comparable to the amounts contained in the recommended daily 4 tablet serving of NeoLife Glucose Balance.

In a new study, currently in press, a team of U.S.-based sports scientists report that curcumin supplements of only 500mg daily for 3 days could positively influence the response to heat stress during exercise and reduce the damaging effects of heat stress on the intestinal barrier4. Furthermore, the authors also report that circulating levels of inflammatory markers were reduced upon supplementing with curcumin. This is a highly significant new finding – preserving the integrity of the intestinal barrier is a vital component to help keep low level inflammation under control. This study concludes that curcumin supplements can be extremely useful for non-heat adapted individuals when exercising in high temperatures.

This adds to the already published studies on the value of curcumin supplements to the practicing sportsman/woman of all levels. In addition, it provides valuable insights into how curcumin, like other valuable dietary components may help protect the integrity of our gut barrier so limiting the passage of potentially harmful substances into the circulation.

NeoLife Glucose Balance provides curcumin of high quality and potency with standardized levels of the curcuminoid polyphenols as an extract, and as turmeric root powder. NeoLife is a world leader in the manufacture of nutritional supplements with a strong scientific heritage in polyphenol research.

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Dr. Diane E. Clayton
Ph.D., Biochemist, Nutritionist,
Health Practitioner, SAB member


1. Kunnumakkara et al. 2017. Curcumin, the golden nutraceutical: multitargeting for multiple chronic diseases. Br J Pharmacol. Jun; 174 (11):1325-1348. doi: 10.1111/bph.13621
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