wayne_leslie_hansen_mauiI joined NeoLife January 1978 when I was 26 years old, after reading about the company in a nutrition book and hunting it down. With a degree in Chemistry and trained to be a high school Chemistry teacher, I found the Chemistry of the body/Biochemistry fascinating! I knew this was an extra special company when it had helped me with situations that health food store supplements had not been able to help me with for over 4 years of trying! Some of my most vivid memories was how I recovered from a very painful back. My back would be in so much pain that it would wake me up in the middle of the night, practically gasping for breath. The pain got so bad, that it left me feeling like a knife was stuck between my shoulder blades! To make matters worse, I would then have to sleep the rest of the night sitting up. I tried everything to get relief and nothing worked. I tried a waterbed and even went to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week, until she said she could not help me until I stopped lifting babies! I only had one then! Thanks to NeoLife, my life has changed for the better. Not only was my back feeling so much better but I also had easier pregnancies and births once I got on NeoLife with our third baby and on. These products were so helpful to a young mom with answers for my kids’ health! I loved that!*

Thanks to NeoLife, Wayne recovered from terrible seasonal challenges and too could live a healthier and happier lifestyle. After seeing the results, Wayne left his lucrative but very unhealthy automotive painting job and came home and joined me in the business 9 months later. NeoLife was a great business to have while raising our large family and with homeschooling and Dad at home over the last 39 years. NeoLife has afforded us the opportunity to help develop our family’s music career!**

We are now Sapphire Directors heading for 1 Ruby!

blood_sugar_productsWe have used every product at one time or another and have many favorites but I would say NeoLifeShake, Tre-en-en, Vitamin A and Super C are my “must haves”.

When Glucose Balance was introduced at the North America Convention this past summer, I got to thinking that a product that keeps your blood glucose in balance and not going too high, could help my energy levels, and was just the product for me! For the last 40 years, we haven’t used sugar and avoid sweet juices, such as soda. glucose_balance_productAdditionally, we rarely eat and cook with white flour and even began incorporating the fantastic Glucose Balance components like cinnamon, turmeric and curcumin into our everyday diet. Now that Glucose Balance contains various remarkable components like cinnamon, turmeric and curcumin, it can easily fill those nutritional gaps and easy to access these incredible benefits! Additionally, now everyone can enjoy these great dietary components which can help support a healthy digestion and metabolism.

8 of our 9-members of our family are all thin, but unfortunately not me. So now, at age 66, to keep my weight down, I must be more aware of what I eat, avoid stress and exercise regularly which I have kept up by pushing myself in the Be Your Best Challenge for over three years! Thank you NeoLife for the accountability program!

It has been almost 6 years now that we had the honor of moving in with and taking care of Wayne’s 100-year-old mother for 9 months. Although it was an honor to do that for her and we will forever cherish those memories, the major stresses and dietary compromises that went along with this life changing event had contributed to my weight gain of 20 pounds!

Over this last year I was determined to do the lifestyle revamping it would take to get my weight back down. So, with the Weight Loss Challenge which I won; using NeoLifeShake, NeoLifeBar and NeoLifeTea along with careful eating, I gradually went down 15 pounds! I maintained my healthy weight and then again was determined to begin working on the next few pounds, which I found to be more difficult.

wayne_leslie_hansen_wtcAfter Convention, I altered my regiment slightly and incorporated this amazing product, Glucose Balance that could help my energy levels with my successful routine and I was so pleased. I was right, I was finally able to get those difficult 5-7 pounds off, and unlike before, they came right off. I was so pleased to be at 124, when our daughter Lisa got married one month ago!

With last month’s activities, I had a lot of extra stuff going on and an absorbent amount of food and sweets! I was blessed to have a family trip to entertain for 5 days at a county fair, an eclipse party, a high school lady classmate’s reunion retreat, Lisa’s wedding, 2 birthdays and finally the World Team Conference in Maui. wayne_leslie_hansen_maui2Two weeks ago, while having Ice cream on Maui at the Luau, I couldn’t help but think how thankful I was for the experience, but boy o boy was I nervous to see how much ground I had lost and weight I had gained. Luckily enough, it was up a couple pounds when I got home but immediately returned to 123, my weight 6 years ago! I was thrilled!

One other benefit; I would periodically have crashes where I was so sleepy, I had to go take a nap. If I keep up on Glucose balance, I don’t need the naps!* The ingredients of Glucose Balance work synergistically to support a normal blood glucose level for steady energy.

Thank you NeoLife and God bless,


†Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 5.27 lbs. over a 12 week period.
**Results are not typical. See Statement of Average Gross Compensation in your NeoLife Back Office > Office.NeoLife.com > Tools > Business > Promoter Claims Guide