kitchen_tea_ladyThe foods and supplements we consume make up our diet. The diet is our body’s only source for raw materials it needs to perform its day-to-day functions. These cellular workings are complicated and continual. Fortunately, our cells perform their jobs automatically, without any forethought on our part. Our only responsibility to this intricate, dynamic system is to provide the high-quality nutrients the body needs to do a good job.

This task is challenging, since every day billions of cells are created, destroyed, and replaced. Over the course of seven years, most of our cells, with the exception of brain cells and a few very specific glandular cells, are replaced. For example, red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout your body, have a life span of only four months before they’re removed from the bloodstream and destroyed. The human body contains about 25 trillion red blood cells, so the demand for nutrients to constantly replace these cells is enormous! Some cells, such as those of the mouth or intestines, turn over even faster — every day, in fact!

In addition, different cells and tissues have special nutritional requirements. For instance, lung cells have a higher requirement for vitamin C than many cells, whereas eye tissue has a higher need for lutein and other carotenoid phytonutrients. The body’s nutrient supply, provided by foods and supplements, must exceed demand, or deficiency symptoms result.

Over the short term, a nutrient-deficient diet compromises day-to-day health. For instance, carotenoids — colorful plant pigments responsible for the red in tomatoes, the orange in carrots, and the yellow in squash — are critical to the function of certain blood cells that defend the body against microbial invaders. Studies show that a carotenoid-deficient diet weakens immunity. Conversely, a carotenoid-rich diet boosts immunity. So may vitamin C and zinc (both may shorten the duration of a cold). Short-term effects of nutrient deficiencies are also apparent — evidenced as lower energy levels — in people whose diets are deficient in B-vitamins or iron.

Over the long term, suboptimal nutrition may predispose us to early aging and declining health and sickness.

At NeoLife, we have an intimate understanding of the complex workings of cells, and since 1958 we have used that knowledge to create dietary supplements that are aimed at cellular nutrition. Our exclusive, superior quality nutrition products use nature’s finest whole food ingredients that are based in nature and backed by leading edge science. In fact, each and every NeoLife product features the Scientific Advisory Board seal of approval, representing the worldwide network of leading doctors, researchers, nutrition experts, and state of the art research facilities all dedicated to delivering optimum health based on nature’s blueprint.

From core nutrition for a foundation of good health, to targeted solutions like heart health, immune strength, digestive health, children’s nutrition, and sport nutrition to name just a few, NeoLife’s got you covered. Our family of brands also includes earth-friendly Golden Home Care and the very first marine botanical-based organic skin care line in the Direct Selling industry, Nutriance Organic.

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