Beat the Holiday Bulge

holiday_bulgeThe holidays are the most magical time of year filled with festive parties with loved ones, sweet treats and the perfect gift hunt. Suddenly, in the midst of the winter wonderland, you’re distracted from your usual meal and workout plan which become low priority. Come New Year, you’re not surprised to see unwanted bulge. But with these 5 tips you can watch the ball drop December 31st knowing you don’t have to spend all January working off the damage! Read More

Immune Health

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? The CDC estimates that in the United States, each year up to 20% of the population gets the flu and more than 200,000 Americans are hospitalized from seasonal flu-related complications. This is the season where many people make a mad dash to the drugstore to search for a miracle cold-buster. But why wait to act until it’s too late?Read More

Healthy Pregnancy

How exciting to be getting ready for this special time of your life! You can plan for that dream nursery, those adorable baby outfits and everything else to welcome your precious little one into this world; but the most important thing you can do for your baby and yourself is to ensure adequate nutrition during this defining time of your lives.Read More

See What Billionaires, Business Leaders & Health Experts are Saying About Health

health_leadersWe recently attended the ultra exclusive and highly anticipated Milken Global Conference in Los Angeles, California. The Global Conference convenes 3,500 participants who will hear 700+ speakers in more than 170 sessions over 4 days —to explore solutions to today’s most pressing challenges in financial markets, industry sectors, health, government and education.

Get an Insider’s Look…

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Stress Soothing Secret Revealed

Stress is a fact of nature. Dealing with life’s daily situations, challenges, difficulties and expectations all add up and can even lead to health issues.

Which is why it’s so vital that stress be managed! Aloe Vera Plus is a delicious, natural way to revitalize so you can best meet the mental and physical challenges of your day.*Read More