James Floyd

2014 Fitness Challenge Champion

James grew up with NeoLife. He felt called to continue his late mother’s legacy by running a race in her honor. But not just any race, a marathon! A full 26 miles which is tough for anyone to complete, especially for someone like James who admits he hates running.Read More

Suzy Hume


2014 Weight Loss Challenge Champion

Suzy slowly put on weight until she no longer felt like herself. Her self-esteem was low and her body ached so she prayed for a solution. She was just moments away from having gastric bypass surgery. By the grace of God, her good friend and upline convinced her to try NeoLife. Read More

Kate Hoersten

2014 Fitness Challenge Champion

Involved in many sports growing up, Kate found it easy to stay in shape. At her peak, she even swam Division I in college. But a growing knee injury prevented her from continuing her favorite activities. Kate joined the Challenge to get back into a routine.Read More

Lavonne Vaughan

lavonne_vaughan12014 Business Challenge Champion

After numerous failed business ventures, Lavonne encourages people that “NeoLife is a new beginning. A place where you can become whole again.” Lavonne had been waiting for the real thing, not knowing what it would look like. When she was introduced to NeoLife, her heart told her “YES”! The more of NeoLife she gets, the more she knows this is it.Read More

Tracy Burns

tracy_burns12014 Weight Loss Challenge Champion

Tracy hit the bottom, his weight took over his life. As his weight went up, Tracy’s health went down. Tracy’s mobility was so restricted that his wife, Jackie had to help him out of bed, bathe him, and take him to and from work until going on disability leave.Read More

2014 Be Your Best Challenge Champions

champions_2014These 5 winners Experienced the Ultimate VIP Treatment

Each year, only five people are crowned Challenge Champions! With Challenge entries at an all time high, it was especially difficult to select just one male and female from both the Weight Loss and Fitness categories and one from Business, the contestants with the most inspiring stories were our ultimate winners.Read More

Carlos Tristan

An inspiring story of transformation

When Carlos Tristan enters the room you would never guess that he once weighed over 450 lbs. In fact, Carlos thinks he may have been well over but that is as high as his scale went. Two years later, Carlos has lost over 250 lbs. using NeoLifeShake as a meal replacement as well as multiple other NeoLife nutritionals.

Before NeoLife, Carlos’s diet consisted of carnitas and enchiladas. He was consistently tired and didn’t know why. His health was so poor that his Doctor had even told him, “I don’t know how you are even walking.”Read More

Warren Gouws: From Intention to Action

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA90 Day Be Your Best Fitness Challenge Winner!

Finally sticking to a get-fit plan was one thing. Letting the momentum seep into other aspects of life was the next.

“Last summer’s clothes didn’t fit as nicely this summer,” admits Warren Gouws. He was ready to do something about getting into better shape. So when his friend invited him to register for the New England Tough Mudder, a 12-mile obstacle course, Warren figured that was just the motivation he needed.

Still, days would go by, even weeks sometimes, when Warren didn’t work out. “I kept telling myself I wasn’t in such bad shape and that I could easily start working out next week,” Warren says.Read More

Karen Thomas: Striving For More

karen_thomas190 Day Be Your Best Fitness Challenge Winner!

Karen Thomas was not overweight. In fact, she was in pretty good health. She’d been using NeoLife products for years. But last summer, she had kind of an epiphany.

“The one thing I was missing was regular exercise,” Karen admits. And for this forty-something mother of three, growing old gracefully seemed more immediate than it had in previous decades.

“I want to live a long time with my mind intact and with the strength and energy to do the things I want to do,” Karen says.

Then she heard about the BE YOUR BEST Challenge. “I thought, This is a great incentive, I’d like to win $1,000, and I need some fitness goals,” Karen recalls. So she set her first fitness goal to complete in 30 days.Read More