Twenty-two years ago Barbara Chichester R.N. began using NeoLife products after Bob Pearson & Dean Vandenburgh spoke at her Rotary Club. You’ll learn how the products have literally transformed her family’s health! Recently she decided to intentionally pursue building a NeoLife business. Last month she stepped up to Emerald Director and this month will qualify her 3rd month as Sapphire Director! She’ll earn her invitation to Brassfield Leadership School in September and World Team Conference in Los Cabos in October! Plus she’ll soon be earning $600 cash car bonuses on top of World Team income!

She and her team have a really big vision for the future and a strategy to make it happen. Listen as she shares why she believes the time is NOW to build a NeoLife biz and reveals exactly what she and her team are doing to make it a reality. Invite health professionals, Club Members and really anyone who has a dream, but needs a vehicle to make that dream a reality!