New Emerald Directors Frank & Hatti Shepard will share how they joined NeoLife 17 years ago as a Senior Manager just to support their niece, but never really gave the products a fair “shake”. Seventeen years later thanks to Gabby Merritt never giving up they finally decided to give the products a real try. What they’ve experienced has been nothing short of a true health transformation story within their family. Their only regret is having the solution so close but never truly experiencing the products until recently.

In January they achieved Director and in March Emerald Director with a Car Bonus! Today they’re excited about sharing the gift of health and have a big vision for the future of their business. Listen as Frank shares why after 30 years in the financial industry he was simply blown away with the fact you can jump into this business and start making money almost immediately. He says, “It’s happened so much faster than I ever anticipated would be possible!”