Do you have dreams of building a successful business that provides financial and time freedom, but find yourself struggling to find the bandwidth to pursue your dream? Dial into hear how Bart & Cassie Gant a young hip couple from fast-paced Silicon Valley achieved Emerald Director while juggling two young children, work, ministry, surfing, photography and their social life. You’ll be inspired as they share how they’re intentionally incorporated Neolife into their lifestyle rather than just another item on the never-ending to-do list.
Plus they’ll both offer advice on what to do when one spouse is all in but the other is…well let’s just say not quite sure initially what all the excitement is about!
Invite anyone who relates with one or more of the following: Young, was young once, has children, wants to make an impact, knows there has to be a better way, active, surfs, loves to travel, loves photography, total foodies, won’t settle for 2nd best, loves ministry, anything outdoors including camping, loves freedom, sees a ceiling on their JOB or has a spouse who doesn’t get it yet.