New Emerald Director Carrie Dick shares why she and her husband, Kevin, chose to build a NeoLife business as a part of their long-term retirement plan. Through their experience, they’ve discovered that if the average person carved out even just 5-10 hours per week they could build a NeoLife business that provides income and tax savings now, but more importantly provides long-term retirement income, a positive community and a purpose that keeps them engaged through their golden years.

As Carrie shares a secret to the incredible success of their firm you’ll discover that it is directly applicable to your NeoLife business as well. You’ll be amazed at how this tip alone could mean an extra 40K a year or more in benefits that you may not even be taking advantage of but is right under your nose.

Invite all ages to learn how to earn immediate income, but more importantly retire rich and healthy while engaged in a fun and positive community. It’s true, you really can live your best life now and for decades to come with NeoLife!