Magnesium is an important mineral that aids in energy production, the immune system, heart health, and more. But are you getting enough of it through diet alone? This mineral is involved in over 700 biochemical reactions, and put simply, we cannot function without it. It’s important to note that while many people aren’t getting enough magnesium through diet alone, magnesium supplementation is a potential solution to solving an estimated epidemic for the 50-80% of Americans deficient in magnesium.

The good news is that the NeoLife Scientific Advisory Board developed Magnesium Complex. NeoLife Magnesium Complex is a naturally-sourced, highly bioavailable formula and is the first of its kind to feature phytonutrient- and magnesium-rich whole food nutrients. Join us Tuesday, to re-live the official launch of this revolutionary product by SAB Member, Dr. Liz Applegate from Convention 2018. This is sure to be something you do not want to miss!