For centuries individuals have been looking towards traditional herbs and spices to assist the body. Most recently, according to leading authority’s half of the US population are dealing first hand with their inability to keep their weight down and blood sugar within the normal range. Our poor food supply and lifestyles have created this epidemic of chronic diseases. One well-known example is Diabetes Type 2. Recent reports said that it is the 7th leading cause of death in the US, and not to mention all the other problems that result from unmanaged blood sugar regulation.

Please dial in to hear an interview with special guest, Scientific Advisory Board members, Dr. Diane Clayton and Mark Lowman discussing the various contributory factors – poor diet, excess consumption of processed fats and sugars, reduced activity with other lifestyle-related Tips and Tricks that can help us begin to take better control of our own blood sugar regulation. There’s something for everyone and it is never too late to get you feeling and being your best.