It is important to note that today if individuals were asked what nutrients were lacking in the American diet, studies have shown that the top answers would probably be calcium, vitamin D or fiber. Though all nutrients are essential for good health, few are more crucial to focus on than magnesium – because we do not usually get enough in our diets, magnesium is a major mineral essential for over 700 biochemical reactions, and our cells cannot function without it. Interestingly enough, cells need magnesium to produce ATP, which provides the body with energy. So without magnesium, cells would not have the power to function.

With all the important benefits that magnesium brings to the table, it is quite alarming that an estimated 50-80% of Americans have low magnesium. The good news is that magnesium supplementation can play a key role in filling magnesium intake gaps. Join us as Scientific Advisory Board Member, Dr. Liz Applegate talks about NeoLife’s newest product Magnesium Complex. This naturally sourced, highly bioavailable formula, is first in its kind to feature phytonutrient and magnesium-rich whole foods that can get you feeling and being your best.