For years, we have seen research clearly illustrate the beneficial effect of nutrition on athletic performance. Studies have shown that proper nutrition is critical not only to your athletic success, but also and more importantly to your growth, development and overall health. We have learned that inadequate nutrient intake deprives your body of the energy needed to perform an event, the carbohydrates necessary for glycogen replacement, the protein needed for tissue building and repair, and the micronutrients necessary for normal metabolism and maintenance of body homeostasis.

As an individual and even more so as an athlete, your body needs proper fuel, hydration, and rest to optimize sports performance. If you ignore maintaining these, you can hurt yourself and your sport in the long run. In addition, our diet can greatly impact how effective we are in our daily lives. Dial in to hear Scientific Advisory Board Member, Dr. Liz Applegate, as she shares best practices and information on how diet and key NeoLife nutritionals can help optimize your sport performance, and fuel your active lifestyle.