Detox: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

By: John Miller, SAB Director

The NeoLife 3-Day Detox is a simple, easy and effective way to reset one of the most important aspects of your metabolism, the processes of elimination. The old adage “you are what you eat” has never been truer than it is at this very moment (nor more meaningful) for anyone embarking on a new journey toward optimal health, wellness and vitality.

Like it or not, every aspect of “you” is a reflection of what you have knowingly or unknowingly consumed. If you ate a diet that was dependent on chemical laden fast, convenient, “junk” food that is what your body is made of…..plain and simple. Additionally, those beneficial micro-organisms (AKA; gut bacteria or microflora), your personal “microbiome” that occupies your gastrointestinal tract are likely not as “beneficial” as you might hope. In fact, just like you, they are a reflection of that diet you’ve been eating. Junk food breeds junk-food gut bacteria! There is no other choice. They are what you eat!Read More

Diet VS. Nutrition


When we hear the word nutrition, we often think of healthy foods. But healthy foods are really part of the diet. Our cells can only benefit from good nutrition if the foods in the diet are broken down into building blocks small enough to absorb. To sum it up, diet is what we eat, but nutrition is what our cells and tissues actually receive. In fact, there are six stages that make up good nutrition.

Our Scientific Advisory Board understands this distinction well, which is why each NeoLife Nutritional was formulated to support one or more of these vital stages so cells may receive the balanced nutrition they need.Read More