karen_thomas190 Day Be Your Best Fitness Challenge Winner!

Karen Thomas was not overweight. In fact, she was in pretty good health. She’d been using NeoLife products for years. But last summer, she had kind of an epiphany.

“The one thing I was missing was regular exercise,” Karen admits. And for this forty-something mother of three, growing old gracefully seemed more immediate than it had in previous decades.

“I want to live a long time with my mind intact and with the strength and energy to do the things I want to do,” Karen says.

Then she heard about the BE YOUR BEST Challenge. “I thought, This is a great incentive, I’d like to win $1,000, and I need some fitness goals,” Karen recalls. So she set her first fitness goal to complete in 30 days.

Karen started running in July, only a 12-minute mile at first, but worked hard enough at it that she cut her time down by nearly four minutes in August. That was enough to get Karen into the drawing for the challenge, and she ended up winning the $1,000.

But her challenge didn’t stop here. She was so inspired she decided to set an even bigger goal and push toward a 90-day goal. Enlisting the help of her husband Doug (she says he’s knowledgeable about lifting), Karen set her sights on building lean muscle. Karen put part of the money she had won toward a weight bench and weights so she could work out at home, she got a personal trainer, and she continued running.

karen_thomas3Karen continues to weight train and run, and she’s a committed NeoLife protein shake aficionado. Karen also takes Pro Vitality + every day and incorporates the BioTone trimming system into her regimen. From a strong start with a 30-day challenge to continuing on to a 90-day challenge, Karen is livin’ the NeoLife.

Since winning the Be Your Best 90-Day Fitness challenge, Karen has no plans to slow down. She says she has more energy than ever. “People are starting to ask me what I’m doing,” she smiles. “I want to keep inspiring others to get stronger and improve their long-term health.”