kb_resolution_imgThis morning I went to the gym, as I do most mornings before work, expecting to enter the chaos that typically follows the celebration of each New Year and the resolutions we so often feel inspired to make.

To my surprise the gym was a ghost town, even deserted by the regular crowd usually spotted at this time of morning.

So why is this happening? The answer is simple: people aren’t sticking to their resolutions! But that’s only to be expected when we arbitrarily throw up statements like “I’m going to lose weight” or “I’m going to eat healthier” and then don’t follow through with how we are going to get there. By not taking the proper steps for success we are setting ourselves up for failure.

So what does it take to succeed with our New Year’s resolutions? Setting SMART goals!


SPECIFIC  – Clearly define what you want to accomplish.

MEASUREABLE – Have an indicator of progress. Ex. weight, endurance, body fat, etc.

ACTIONABLE – Clearly lay out how you will achieve your goals.

REALISTIC – Set practical and achievable goals given your time, ability, and current situation.

TIMED– Specify when you will achieve your goals by. Monthly is recommended.

For years, businesses in project management, personal trainers, and personal development experts alike have followed this simple mnemonic for setting and reaching goals. So this year, when you are making your resolutions make sure they are SMART!