Josiah King
Gained 16 pounds of Muscle

Josiah hit his goal of gaining muscle and won $1,000 cash in the Be Your Best Fitness Challenge!

“After years of being skinny and having an incredibly hard time gaining muscle mass and weight, I have successfully gone from 137 lbs. (Dec. 1st, 2015) to 153 lbs. (March 1st, 2016). A 16 pound increase!

My progress has been amazing, especially since I have tried countless other workout supplements and had hardly any results. I would normally gain just a few pounds a month and I would drop back to 135-140 lbs. It didn’t matter what I ate, how many calories, or what supplements I used. However, I now firmly believe my progress is going to stay, since NeoLifeShake provides a high quality protein, plus the Pro Vitality to that supplies 21 vitamins and minerals.*

Along with gaining 16 pounds of lean muscle, I even cut my body fat levels 2-3%. I was already very low in body fat but now I can see more definition especially in my abs, obliques, arms and chest. I have even gained tremendous strength and energy. In fact, I went from doing 12 pull-ups in a row before the Challenge, to now 20 in a row!! That’s just one example of many! I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of NeoLife, a company that truly changes lives!”


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