With summer time fun in motion, and the kids out of school for vacation, keeping them healthy, happy and productive can be a lot of work! And let’s face it, raising kids and juggling life is no easy thing.

According to the USDA, children ages 4-18 need between 1 to 2 cups of fruit and 1 to 3 cups of vegetables daily. The good news is that the latest health survey shows kids are eating more fruits and vegetables, but the bad news is neither of those requirements is being met!

Parents can participate in many ways when it comes to influencing their children and educating them on keeping and living out a healthy lifestyle. As they grow up, kids also tend to learn their eating and nutrition habits from their primary caregivers–and in most cases, it’s their parents!

In fact, the health of our children begins way before they are even born, so even prospective parents can actively prepare their future child for the best nutritional opportunities. When parents are being healthy, it can help increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant and reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy. *

Dial in to hear Scientific Advisory Board Member, Dr. Arianna Carughi reveal the science behind ingredients proven to enhance immune function, support optimal memory, learning and concentration, and promote healthy growth and development so children can be their best for years to come!*


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