90-Day Fitness Challenge Winner
Corinne Dignum

1. What was your motivation for joining the 90-Day Challenge?
I first learned about NeoLife through a Neighbor who had invited my mother to a Shake Party and made me come for support. I was then motivated by NeoLife to look at myself and see where I could improve in my health to be my best. Now that my kids are getting older, I started to notice I was gaining weight around my mid section and I want to take better care of myself. I also wanted to engage my NeoLife business so by experiencing the Challenge first hand, I could tell others about it and motivate them to do the same.

2. What was your 90-Day goal?
After hitting my initial goal I was working out more consistently so my next goal was to increase weight training to build more muscle and to tone my body. I work 3 jobs and have a family so it’s a big commitment to set time aside to workout.

3. How did your Health Pack help you to achieve your goal?
My Vitality and Shape Up Pack gave me the energy, stamina and better health to achieve my goal. I lost 5 lbs., several inches and toned up. I start each morning with a NeoLifeShake mixed in water and Pro Vitality. I’m always busy in the morning but NeoLife makes it so convenient and I love the taste of the shake! Then I stay energized throughout the day with NeoLifeTea; I’ll usually enjoy 2 sticks a day. This is the only tea I can drink without getting gut pain which I tend to get from other tea’s and coffee.

4. How has the Challenge positively impacted your life?
The Challenge has been a positive impact on my life by making me happier and healthier – which is what NeoLife is all about. My confidence grew and I was proud of my discipline. The best benefit is that I am stronger for my family. My husband has had concussions and neck injuries and can not do physical things. I could do all the snow shoveling and heavy lifting all on my own with ease. Also, one of my jobs has been made easier because it requires a strong body since I have to push around industrial mops and lift heavy buckets of water. My eating habits are so much better too. I follow the NeoLife Healthy Meal Plan Guide which is so easy and now I’ve noticed that I don’t even crave junk food like I use to. My NeoLifeShake and healthy meals satisfy me so I never feel like I’m missing out.

5. What is one tip you would give to someone new to the Challenge?
The advice I would give to someone trying the Challenge would be to start adding exercise to your schedule until it is established so you can just concentrate on a more intense workout to reach your goal. Also don’t be afraid of taking the pictures, it is so exciting and you will be amazed at the changes.

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†Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 5.27 lbs. over a 12 week period.fda