danika_robsonWhat was your motivation for joining the 90-Day Challenge?
A couple weeks after completing my 30-Day Challenge to complete my first sprint triathlon, I began to feel the motivation slip away so I decided to push myself with a challenge that would require some work almost everyday.

What was your 90-Day goal and results?
My goal was to ride 915 miles in 90 days. Why 915 miles? Well at the beginning of 2016 my gym issued a challenge to ride 1253 miles (2016km) on the espresso bike in the year. The espresso bike has 43 trails ranging from 1 mile to 20 miles in length with various terrains. At the start of the Challenge I had one ride in which my average power was over 200 watts, by the end I had 11! I took off close to an hour and a half of time off the total time for all the rides combined. Some personal bests were by five minutes or more. On a few of them I would do a couple laps of the course and I would get a new PB (personal best) on the first lap and then another on the second lap by at least a minute. I also kept track of the All Time leaderboards during the challenge. In every single ride I am in the top 30 for women under 20, some of them I am as high up as 6th. On the Espresso speedway I am 19th out of 3900 people that have completed it in my category. WOW!! I was not expecting that!

How did your Health Pack help you to achieve your goal?
The Sport Pack was amazing during the Challenge. Not only did I complete my goal, I slaughtered my best times and gained a lot more power in the process. I love how with the NeoLife SPORT Performance Protein I wasn’t sore at all throughout my Challenge; I could just keep on going and going, and get new personal bests on times that were fairly recent. The Endurance made it possible to keep on going without major fatigue, and the Performance pack helped shorten the amount of time it took to warm up, and Bio-Tone helped reduce any stiffness.*

How has the Challenge positively impacted your life?
Throughout my challenge I was in a constant battle with myself. Do I really want to ride today? Some days the resistance won and other days persistence took over and I did extra. I faced my temptation to give up and take the easy way out and am very glad I did. I can rejoice that I finished, instead of wondering what that opportunity could have been. I hope I can take some of the mental strength that I gained and put that towards school, and life. The Challenge helped to remind me to never give up even though it might seem impossible at the time. It taught me not to take the easy way out even though that’s exactly what I wanted to do some days.

What is one tip you would give to someone new to the Challenge?
Well, take one day at a time. Do what you need to do for that day in order to complete the Challenge so that it doesn’t build up and become overwhelming. The key is to resist temptation to put off whatever workout you had planned for the day.



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