lawrence_marjorie_clarkWe are honored to share an exclusive one-on-one interview with our latest President’s Team Step-ups, Lawrence and Marjorie. Read their incredible story of how they got started with NeoLife and their motivation to make their dreams a reality.

NL: How many years have you been with NeoLife?
MARJORIE: 24 years in April.

NL: Can you share with us a little about your background, and where your story first began with NeoLife?
MARJORIE: At age 15, I was in a snow sledding accident and lost my spleen and one kidney with its adrenal gland. Doctors told me not to have more than two children and that, if I had a big family, I would lose my kidney. It was a little crazy for my situation, but I wanted a big family. So, by the seventh child, my kidney was in trouble and I struggled to keep my immune system running adequately with no spleen. Emotionally, it was hard for me to see my children work harder because of my poor health. Committed to diet and skeptical of supplements, we organic gardened, had goats for milk and cheese, chickens for eggs, and even ground our own grains for bread. However, nothing was enough. After seeing NeoLife’s impeccable reputation, scientific breakthroughs, superb Scientific Avisory Board, and Dr. Arthur Furst’s world famous reputation, I tried the products. I began to vividly understand firsthand that NeoLife truly held the #1 spot for nutritional products with their cutting edge science. I made it my personal mission to share NeoLife. You see, NeoLife is more than just a business, or even a lifestyle for us. It’s truly a calling.

NL: How did you transition from taking the products to doing the business?
LAWRENCE: Unlike most NeoLifers, our initial interest was for business, not for ourselves, but for others. Integrity demanded that we only offer our customers the highest quality product at the best price. In operating an environmental (including air/water) business, NeoLife’s water purifiers caught our attention, and we were impressed with their water test results.

We resisted the idea of taking the products as a customer, but recognized the science and superiority of the NeoLife supplements, thinking that perhaps our clients would be interested. Because of Marjorie’s health, we went to extreme efforts to ensure we had a natural, whole food diet and thought we did not need supplements.

Once we were convinced of the science, products, and results, we committed to NeoLife full time. We sold our environmental business quickly, but had to work with the new owner for a year in the transition. We both worked NeoLife as much as we could, achieving Sapphire level within six months with a broad customer base.

After one year, we bought a converted motorhome bus and had the incredibly fun opportunity of traveling the continential U.S. while simultaneously building NeoLife. It was a special time of closeness, relationship development, and seeing God’s incredible power reflected in nature as we visited a great number of National Parks while traveling. We recruited minimally 3 people every month for the first five years. By that time we had built a solid six figure income, bought a house on Lake Lanier, and went into semi-retirement (committed to team support and recruiting those who sought us out). Thank you, NeoLife!

ClarkFamily_Convetion-243NL: What was one of your greatest motivations for working so hard in the beginning?
LAWRENCE: With seven children (three more to be added within five years) ages 14 and under, we were entering into the more expensive teen years and the food budget was escalating. Additionally, we knew firsthand the emotional and physical stress of having a loved one sick in the family and understood the value of helping people protect their health.

NeoLife has always provided the most important thing: the best products. Our children used to call NeoLife “a nerdy science company”! If we had to choose between a product that works and a marketing company that works, without a moment of hesitation we would certainly choose products that work. Why? Because even $1 is too much if the product doesn’t provide customers with results. However we do love financial freedom as well. So we are double blessed to know that with NeoLife’s young, yet wise, leadership in our CEO, Kendra, and VP of Sales, Josh, along with the rest of NeoLife’s committed staff, the NeoLife opportunity has been turbo charged for a future with marketing that is 1st place too!

NL: How has your NeoLife business helped you achieve a better way of life?
MARJORIE: NeoLife has improved our lives in so many ways. A few of our favorites would include traveling with our children across the U.S., into Canada, and many exotic destinations around the world. We also think it’s incredibly fun to be living on one of the largest man-made lakes in the U.S. Being able to be supportive of and invest in our children’s business startups.

NL: What does it mean to you to step up to President’s Team? This is a huge accomplishment!
MARJORIE: We are committed to making NeoLife a household name. Stepping-up to President’s Team represents movement in the right direction. Our commitment is to help those in our team who are aiming for the stars (Diamonds), and if some miss and hit the moon (Rubies), many people will be better for it.

NL: What are some ways you encourage and empower leaders in your team?
MARJORIE: We give 1-on-1 coaching to those in our team who need it, no matter what level they fall on. We never want anyone in our team to fail from lack of knowledge and knowing what to do. We love the new Success Teams, which consolidates training in a duplicable manner and offers the opportunity to accelerate leaders.

NL: What makes you excited about the future with NeoLife?
MARJORIE: We love the online resource, “Health Talk” at, the NeoLife Club with the simplicity of the Health Packs, the 3 for Free program, the weight loss and fitness Be Your Best Challenge to encourage better health, and last but not least, we love the simple duplicable training modules being added to the Back Office. Laying out a simple track to start on and training new Promoters has never been easier.

NL: What are some tips you have for people who are just getting started?
MARJORIE: Don’t waste time looking for secrets to build the business. The secrets are in your NeoLife Back Office. Take the time to find the scripts and steps of actions clearly laid out and proven to work in real life. The more you put them into action with real prospects, the more they will become part of you, and the more skilled you will become, and the more successful you will be at producing positive results in your business. Don’t be average; the average person won’t take the time to really learn and apply this information enough times to get positive momentum going. The people who will build the biggest businesses in NeoLife will not be those that came up with other ideas but those that follow the success steps in the Back Office the most times. The really successful ones will be the ones who turn those necessary actions into habits and make NeoLife not just a business but a lifestyle.

For any entrepreneurs out there who have a passion for sharing good health… NeoLife is redefining the world of startups. Put simply, it’s like a tech start-up, but with nutrition. There are low barriers to entry because NeoLife provides the infrastructure that any successful business needs, as well as consumable products, and a compensation plan. So instead of having to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started, it makes entrepreneurship accessible to everyone. You can own your own NeoLife business and it can be passed down as an income-generating asset to future generations. For more information please visit or call 800.432.5862. To learn how to build a foundation of good nutrition for you and your loved ones, visit