We caught up with our President’s Team members at the Diamond Lifestyle event at the Founder’s penthouse in Waikiki, Oahu. Hear how they started their path to this incredible life changing opportunity.

delmar_shirley_carmackDelmar & Shirley Carmack
3 Diamond Directors
“I got involved with NeoLife when I was 33 years old. I was a former painting contractor. I got involved with the company because I come from a family with lots of health challenges and I enjoyed using the products. But after using the products for over a period of time, I realized that it was also a business opportunity. I’ve had several jobs in my lifetime and most of them panned out from living from paycheck to paycheck. Then I realized that I can make a career out of this. I started out as part-time career and over the years now we’ve been with the company over 31 years. It’s completely changed our life, my family’s life, all the things we’ve dreamed of having, traveled the world. We had a goal of reaching a lot of people not only for their health but taking them out of poverty. After 31 years with NeoLife we feel more excited today. Our mission today is stronger than ever and committed to helping more people.”

charlotte_sheltonCharlotte Shelton
2 Diamond Director
“When my husband and I married, we were introduced to network marketing and we were excited because we saw a way we can have our own business and fulfill our dreams and desires we already had as a young married couple. Then later we were introduced to another company, a nutritional company and that attracted us even more because we were all about health and nutrition. We were still struggling financially. I was in investment banking at the time and also worked for a securities firm and my husband sold dental equipment and supplies and we knew we wanted to move to the country and buy a house and do all the things we wanted to do, we just weren’t able to do that financially, so we were looking for a way to make this happen. We prayed and asked God to show us and he directed our feet to NeoLife. It was a company that put it all together for us because it helped the challenges he had with sniffling and sneezing and it helped me from being tired all the time. NeoLife changed all of that, it not only changed our health but everyone that we introduced it to—it made a huge difference in their life.* We ended up sharing with people and all of these years later, we have businesses all over the world. It’s given us exciting people to work with. We’ve shared this dedication and love for life and helping others and you’re rewarded. The more people you help, the more you’re rewarded. If you take this journey with us, you’ll never regret it. You will be blessed for the rest of your life.

louis_laverne_smith2Louis & La-Verne Smith
1 Diamond Directors
“I was 31 years old when somebody showed me this incredible opportunity. I first started with the products because I had a lot of health issues. By changing the nutrients in my body and my lifestyle, I empowered the body to heal itself.* Then I got really excited about the opportunity because there I was as a business man working very hard to be broke. I had 4 companies in 3 countries, 200 staff and I kept running out of money before running out of month. It was so irritating and frustrating, until we saw this opportunity where you can really start from nothing, have a global opportunity and global income. We earn income today from 26 countries yet we have the corporate company that handles all the shipping and delivery, product manufacturing and all the headaches and all we do is look for people who want to shop at wholesale and want to own their own lives, retire young while they’re still vibrant and healthy. It has been the absolute most exciting thing that ever happened to us. What an incredible opportunity. My wife and I have traveled the world with our children. This business has given us freedom, the ability to spend time with loved ones. It’s give us the ability to own ourselves. You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself because somebody takes you by the hand step-by-step, empowers you, equips you and guides you. It’s the most exciting thing to know that we’re in a system that’s been proven. We’re in a company that’s been around since 1958. A global company that’s there to support and empower you to achieve your dreams. It’s been a wonderful journey with NeoLife.”

For any entrepreneurs out there who have a passion for sharing good health…NeoLife is redefining the world of startups. Put simply, it’s like a tech start-up, but with nutrition. There are low barriers to entry because NeoLife provides the infrastructure that any successful business needs, as well as consumable products, and a compensation plan. So instead of having to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started, it makes entrepreneurship accessible to everyone. You can own your own NeoLife business and it can be passed down as an income-generating asset to future generations. For more information please visit NeoLife.com or call 800.432.5842. To learn how to build a foundation of good nutrition for you and your loved ones, visit ShareNeoLife.com.


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