Meet our newest Ruby Step-ups!
Quarter million dollar business

NL: How did you get started with NeoLife?
LINDA: After attending a presentation by 1 Diamond Director Louis Smith, I immediately began using the NeoLife products. I was thrilled to find a supplement company I could trust! No more wondering how to choose a quality supplement!

After 8 months, having been to two more presentations by Louis and two of his weekend nutritional conferences, I made the switch to promote NeoLife. I have now actively been promoting NeoLife since the end of January of 2014.

NL: You were a teacher prior to going to full-time with NeoLife, why did you leave your job as a teacher?
LINDA: Even though I loved my students and teaching had a decent retirement plan, I just could not see myself doing that the rest of my life. Life is short and I wanted more freedom! I had to go to bed by 8 pm if I wanted 8 hours of sleep, because I had to leave my house by 6:30 am, so I had to get up by 4 am in order to have time with the Lord and get ready. I was exhausted after the long day. Twice I fell asleep while driving home! When I finally got home, my evening hours were not quality. I would eat dinner and tumble into bed.

NL: How have NeoLife products helped you?
LINDA: We did not have major health issues, but the extra energy and consistent health have been a big plus. Mostly, we are pleased to know that we’re giving our body the very best preventative maintenance.

NL: Are you worried about retiring?
LINDA: While we have no debt, we didn’t have enough saved for comfortable retirement. I am 66 and my husband is almost 69. I don’t want him to have to continue working as hard as he does, and if, God forbid, something were to happen to him, the income stops. So NeoLife is our retirement plan, plus a way we can help secure the future of our children and grandchildren.†

NL: Why partner with NeoLife as a Promoter?
LINDA: It honestly doesn’t get any better than this, as far as network marketing companies are concerned. This is a network marketer’s dream! They are a 60-year old, financially rock solid, company on the ground floor in America with awesome people in corporate who have put into place incredible tools to help us build our businesses.
Their products are of the highest quality and they work! The integrity and science behind our products is unbeatable.

Their compensation plan is incredibly generous with benefits galore — the Challenge, the 3 for Free program, the amazing trips we go on, the incentives to go to Convention and World Team Conference and the Car Bonus. The Car Bonus is exciting. At first I was earning $150 a month but once I stepped up to World Team, I started earning $600 a month which is motivating to stay consistent.†

NL: What does the future with NeoLife look like?
LINDA: I’m excited about our future! We have the right company with the right leadership with the right products with the right business tools with the right compensation plan at the right time! I am so thankful for the opportunity to protect our health and build our retirement while touching other’s lives!

NL: Do you have any success tips to share?
LINDA: To be successful in the business you have to invest in time, money and people. I still participate in booths at the Farmer’s Market, and giving away samples of products and new meeting people. Find ways to connect to people. Go to events and invite people to events. If they don’t understand what kind of company this is then they won’t succeed. Invest in people and help them to be successful. Be a good listener and help them discover their why.


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†Results not typical. Please see statement of Average Gross Compensation in your NeoLife Back Office @ > Resources > Resources Library > Business & Product Guides > Promoter Claims Guidance Manual