Resp-X is developed by world-class scientists and master herbalists. It delivers a synergistic blend of ten powerful herbs that have a long history of safe and effective use, without the side effects associated with chemical drugs. This powerful blend combines ancient herbal knowledge and leading edge science to support free, comfortable breathing and upper respiratory function of the nose mouth and throat. Guaranteed to be pure, potent, and consistent.

The following benefits have been attributed to the herbs contained in NeoLife Resp-X by master herbalists:

Horseradish — root
Supports normal airflow in sinuses and lungs. It also assists with normal digestion, supports kidney function and the immune system.*

Fenugreek — seed
Soothes and calms distressed tissue and may help to normalize body temperature.*

Alfalfa — leaf
Rich in phytonutrients important for strong immune responses.*

Cayenne — fruit
Promotes healthy digestion. Encourages healthy circulation, stimulation of respiratory tract, and normal blood pressure levels.*

Bee pollen
Provides support for healthy immune responses. Rich in phytonutrients important for energy and vitality.*

Hyssop — plant
Supports healthy, open airways, free of restrictions. Calms and soothes distressed tissues. And supports a strong immune response.*

Slippery Elm — bark
Calms and soothes distressed tissues; especially effective on airway mucosa.*

Yerba Santa — plant
Encourages normal moisture content of airway mucosa. Assists normal tissue renewal, especially in the respiratory tract.*

Rich source of phytominerals important for enzymatic reactions and energy metabolism.*

Thyme — herb
Sometimes referred to as your respiratory system’s herbal best friend. Encourages calm and unrestricted airflow; healthy and clear lungs. Calms and soothes distressed tissue. And promotes vitality and healthy immune responses.*



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