I am incredibly grateful to be part of the NeoLife family and to be able to say that I love what I do. I have been blessed with financial success and have other investments besides NeoLife and over the years I’ve often been asked “by the way, how do you manage to have time to work on those businesses and also NeoLife?”. The answer is, I don’t. For instance, I’ve been in the auto business for twenty-something years and have never given a single talk at an auto store to train a salesperson. I don’t know how to sell a car. I’ve never done that. I just invested some money and then it grew and now I have a few auto stores. The money I invested and all the money that has allowed me to continue to build wealth came from NeoLife as a Distributor. I actually considered retiring at the age of 30 and decided not to because I love what I do.

There are a few key things this business is made of which I would like to touch on because they are important to understand.

First of all, we have products that get repeat sales. This is very key if you are going to have a business otherwise you sell something and need to find a whole new customer every time you want to sell another. But if you have a repeat product that works and has a benefit, then people want to continue using the product and that is called a repeat customer. You cannot build a business that generates residual income without this.

Second, we have stories. Of course, when you have a great product you have great stories. You hear them every time we get together around the world, lives have changed, and people’s health has improved. I am one of those stories. I won’t go into detail here, but my health improved because of the products and continues to do so. On April 9th, I will be 79 and I am a healthy 79. I don’t take any medications. My blood pressure, heart rate, everything goes along smoothly.

The way that we take these products and turn them into a profitable business is by creating a large network of people who use the products, take the products and that repeat usage is our business. We’ve chosen to do that through direct sales. Some people also call it network marketing or multi-level marketing… it has many labels on it, but it is simply a group of people, who through social contact start to be introduced and take the products, and they introduce people who decide to take the products, and then your business grows as more products flow through your group. Anything that happens before you, doesn’t count for you. Only what happens below you. It doesn’t matter if you are first or if you are much deeper in an organization because the only thing that affects your business and mine is what happens underneath us.

Third, is our compensation plan. Simply taking the dollars that come in and, in a fair way, dividing that up according to how big you build your business. So, it’s really simple. The more you can develop as far as a group of people using products that you benefit from, your profits go up.

Now, how do you do it? Well, our Getting Started booklet and Compensation Plan tell you the blueprint for building. At the starting point, you help three people to help them get three and help those nine people get three more and by the time you do that, you start to get a little bit wide and a little bit deep in your group of people and then you add on. Now, this hasn’t changed since I was a Distributor, but it’s also the part that some people leave out. Some of us don’t even look at the blueprint as we start to build our business. We just let it build wherever it goes. And sometimes, if we don’t pay attention, it will all go under one of those legs. The blueprint says, “get three.” Build under those and then add another one, then add another one and then by the time you go all the way up to Diamond Director, you’ve got eighteen legs of Directors down several levels. It is important to look at the blueprint in the Compensation Plan, which says that if you do it this way you will come out the best and most profitable. That’s how you make the most money in your business. I would encourage you to have a look at that blueprint and then try to build accordingly. It won’t happen exactly that way because we are dealing with human beings, not lumber, nails, and cement and roofing materials. Those don’t change. Human beings do change and that is the job that we do get paid for. Helping, encouraging, setting goals, training those human beings to do what is best and in their own best interest. That’s the job.

Now, I have been asked, “How did you do it?”. When I started building my organization, I gave presentations almost every day, during the day… one-on-ones, two, three, follow-ups, etc. Then I gave 4 to 5 presentations a week at night. I recruited my legs as a young guy and then I started building down those legs. When I got started I was one of those people living below the poverty line. I had too many concerns to count, including paying for enough gasoline to get to the next appointment. I had to sell things along the way to get that money for gas. I didn’t just try to get their name, meet them later, and take the slow approach. I do that now, but back then I wanted to leave with some of their money right there so I could go further. My own desperation caused me to do things maybe I would not have done otherwise. I think that if I was a trust fund baby or if my parents were sending me money every month I probably wouldn’t have made it. I had to do it. I believed in the overall dream. I believed in where I was going. I could see the blueprint clearly. I knew that I had to build it. And when it didn’t happen, I didn’t blame the plan, I didn’t blame the company, I didn’t blame anything. I said, “You know, I’ve got to work on myself because I can see others doing it.” I kept thinking if they can do it, I can do it. So, that’s what kept me motivated and concentrated.

As a Distributor, I went through a few companies that failed and I had to start all over. Despite that, I still believed in the business model and, around 1970, I finally found a company that was built to last and where I was able to make money and eventually bought that company. I won’t go into that story here, but I will tell you this: if you make up your mind and set your goal, have a plan and work toward that plan, and allow yourself the time to learn, develop, and have enough experiences, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams and much more.

God bless,
Jerry Brassfield

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