On April 3, 2019, a new study was published, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, looking at the Health effects of dietary risks in 195 countries.

The study revealed that the number 1 risk factor for diet-related death in the United States is a lack of whole grains. This was also true for India, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia, Egypt, Germany, Iran and Turkey, and for many more countries, it came in second or third. Interestingly, this does not mean people weren’t eating whole grains but instead ate highly processed grains lacking nutritional value.

Low intake of fruits and vegetables, omega-3s, and nuts and seeds were also among the top 10 causes of diet-related death.

Pro Vitality has the power to bridge the gap between diet and nutrition, providing optimal amounts of nutrients from whole grains, fruits and vegetables, omega-3 rich fish, and vitamins and minerals including calcium.

NeoLifeBar offers delicious snackable nutrition complete with whole grains from rolled oats, as well as a medley of fruits, nuts and seeds including cranberries, raisins, cashews, almonds, and flax.

Together we can End the Trend of poor health!


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