The NeoLife family is on a mission to make the world a healthier and happier place, and committed to being the single biggest force behind ending the trend of poor wellness and poverty. But we can’t do it alone!

If you’re looking to make an extra
> $1,000 a month part-time or wanting to launch your own full-time business
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> NeoLife has been in business over 60 years
with an expertise in supporting business startups. With NeoLife, you can start your own nutrition startup for the same amount of money you’d spend taking a couple friends out to dinner. We lower the barriers to entry by doing the heavy lifting from investing in the highest quality products, to operations, warehousing and business infrastructure, including some of the most advanced technology and website platforms. That way you can focus on networking, sharing and ending the trend.

We want to invest in you, and also provide educational support on nutrition and business success to help you reach your health and financial goals.

> As a Promoter, you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Join NeoLife as a Promoter, let us pay you for sharing NeoLife and help us End the Trend of poor wellness and poverty!

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Read what Promoters are experiencing with NeoLife!

“I love that this business has basically no startup cost. For roughly $100, you can get your business on the road, and for most of that it’s spent on products you were going to buy anyway. I also love unlimited income potential.** I don’t care how much you earn per hour on a job—you get to a ceiling, and eventually there are no more hours. You are stretched to the maximum. What’s great about this is I empower one person, they empower the next person, and so on. The key is to keep empowering others, focusing on serving and loving them.”

President’s Team member
Business Size: One Million+†

“There are so many advantages that come with owning your own business, from time freedom to quality time with my kids to tax write offs. As a police officer half my check was gone after taxes. My first year in the business we saved $10,000 in taxes alone!** But it’s really the team building and helping others to become leaders and accomplish their dreams and goals that make this opportunity so fulfilling.”

World Team member
Business Size: One Million†

†Calculations based upon DC sales within your group

We reward Club Members with more than just good health.
  • Shop and save 15-30% on all orders
  • Get free products when you refer friends
  • Win big cash and prizes as you achieve your health goals
Health is our greatest wealth.
What if you could get a little wealthier every time you helped someone get healthier?
  • Earn a spare-time, part-time, or full-time income when you share NeoLife
  • Decide when you work and how you work
  • Join our movement to end the trend
Learn more at or by calling NeoLife Sales Support at 800.432.5842.