Record or upload short videos to share with prospects. You can even add ‘Actions’ to your videos so prospects can interact directly in the video.


  • Website – prospect taps to visit your Promoter site

  • Buy – prospect taps to go to a product shop page on your Promoter site

  • Call – Available in the US – prospect taps to call you directly

  • Email – prospect taps to email you

  • Social – prospect taps to visit corporate or your personal social network page


Simply record or choose a short video from your device and then add and configure any desired Actions. You choose the type of Action (such as the links or tools above), determine the start point by just dragging the timeline, and choose the duration and position the Action icon on the screen by simply dragging the Action to the desired location. You can also go back and edit the Actions and options of your videos at any time.

And when a prospect interacts with an interactive video, users will receive an Action Alert notification with more data for follow-up.


A recent A-B test demonstrated the massive power of interactive video for increasing sales and enrollment conversions. Our App team compared two email marketing campaigns—one using a basic video and one using an interactive video, and the results showed a 1,010% increase in conversion rates!

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