Leadership School is where leaders are supercharged to take their business to new heights with world-class training and workshops, product training from nutrition experts, and fun team building competitions. This is what four of our recent grads said about their experience at Leadership School:

“Spending time and hearing from Jerry, Kendra, Josh, Edgwin, and all the members of the Leadership Class of 2019 was my highlight. My “Aha” moment was listening to Jerry and Kendra explain about the NeoLife opportunity and realizing this is not a 2-3,000 dollar a month business, but a million dollar business!”

Tom Hickey

“An absolutely amazing experience. We had incredible business training. I have been in business for quite a while and you don’t see this kind of training. It’s really thought through. I spent some time with Jerry and Kendra, which was really neat being able to hear from them. Witnessing the excitement of everyone being on board and really wanting to help a lot of people and being able to learn how to do that, whether it’s helping them financially and/or nutritionally. Also, seeing the beautiful place here is absolutely incredible.”

Gabriel Booher

“Leadership School was wonderful! It was equally refreshing as it was equipping. We were looking forward to some time away, but also wanted to come up with some new tips and new ideas, a clearer vision of what we can be doing and actually expanding that vision, and how it will all fit together with people that we enjoy working with. It was incredibly inspiring and motivating to sit down one-on-one with the Founder and the CEO. We feel so appreciated and equipped to be able to make it to the next level in our businesses so it’s been pretty incredible. We’re more supercharged to build our business!”

Bart & Cassie Gant

“I got so much inspiration this weekend by everyone. To be mentored by the CEO and Founder personally and sit down one-on-one with them was priceless. I can’t wait to take this home to my team and share the tips I learned at Leadership School and tell them they have to get here, that this is a must.”

Debra Campbell




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