Discover how Bob Pearson, a second generation NeoLife leader with a business size of One Million+† continues to grow his business and his big vision for the future.

How did you get started with NeoLife?

My grandpa used the products and he had the health and vibrancy of a 50-60-year-old. He told me, I could do well because there is residual income from repeat sales due to the product being consumable. I joined him and worked for 17 years with my dad and grandpa at which point my grandpa retired at age 90.

How has NeoLife impacted you and your family?

It has impacted us phenomenally well. I have been privileged to travel to 18 countries since I started with NeoLife. I have been to Hawaii many times, have had 4 tickets to Hong Kong and China, 4 tickets to South Africa and Zimbabwe (where the biggest waterfall in the world is), 3 tickets to Israel, and many other places. I came from a lower middle class family that had barely 2 nickels to rub together– buying a pair of jeans, joining Cub Scouts or Little League would even break the bank. We struggled big time with very little extra cash. We lived in a decent house, but there was very little extra money. International travel or travelling to Hawaii would not be possible if we had not found NeoLife. It has provided us with many fun family trips and have helped the health of 5 generations. My grandchildren love NeoLifeShake, NeoLifeBar, and use many other NeoLife products.†

What do you do that is leading to business growth?

You have to be around a growing up-line so I try to be around great leaders every chance I get. We are also part of the Breakfast of Champions, Success Team and we go to multiple weekend functions.

How important is going to events in this business?

Going to events is absolutely essential. That is where people see a bigger picture, and see the quality of people such as Founder, Jerry and CEO, Kendra Brassfield, or the Scientific Advisory Board members. We all get to see the love in the company culture and hear lots of exciting testimonies. Going to events with your people is one of the most important things to do whether it be a Kick Off Rally, Convention or just a weekend team function.

What does the future look like?

The future looks bright. More and more people are using vitamins every year and it is incredibly easy to show why we are better than other brands. The public desperately needs what we have and we are doing them a favor by telling them about NeoLife. When we tell them about NeoLife, we are throwing a life preserver to drowning people. Our mission is noble and worthy, helping people protect the most valuable physical asset they have. The more people we help, the more financial freedom we receive. Thank God we get to be in such a great industry– the wellness industry, with a fabulous company like NeoLife.

†Results not typical. Please see statement of Average Gross Compensation in your NeoLife Back Office at MyOffi > Resources

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