Read how NeoLife fulfills their passion of educating and impacting lives, by providing optimal health and residual income to retire and travel the world.

Debbie Plouffe
30 years teaching

One year, I had a wonderful volunteer by the name of La-Verne Smith come in and I happened to be sick. I would get very sick every other year or so and I was on medication. I had an interest in health, but not quite as passionate as I am now, and she kept sharing with me the power of carotenoids. It took me a few days to say, “My medicine is not working, I might as well try it.” Within the week, I was feeling so much better and to this day it has not come back.

Over the years, we used the product and at that time, we had signed up as with no intention to sell whatsoever. In fact, I told La-Verne we don’t want anything to do with the business. And one day, we got a check in the mail. It was only $11, but I called her and asked, “What is this?” She said, “It’s a combination of compensation back on the product that you’ve used and what you shared with others.” Because naturally as my health started to get better, I shared it with others. We thought that’s neat. Well, the checks started to grow, and we thought, “Wow! This is really really nice.” And over the years, it got to the point where we thought maybe we could do this part-time and I did. I would come home from teaching and would spend 2-3 hours working from home and we were able to help pay for kids’ college through that extra money. It helped us go on some great vacations. It also contributed to helping us being able to put a down payment on our house. Not the full amount, but a little. A little bit helps. Right?

We did part-time for several years and we kept on being introduced to the possibility of being full-time and I just didn’t think I would do anything else other than teach. That’s what I did, and I loved it but as our kids grew and they moved out of the house, we realized we weren’t quite where we wanted to be for retirement. My husband serves in ministry. We know we are called here, but serving at a rural charter school, you didn’t get much chance of opportunity for raises. In fact, I probably hadn’t had a raise in about 8 years, and we realized we needed to do something and so we decided to take the jump. It took me three years to make the decision. I wish I would have made it sooner, but God just changed my passion from teaching children to teaching adults and educating them in the area of health and wellness.

My plan that I had laid out was I would stop my teaching when I matched my teaching salary. Within a couple years, I did that. I put in my notice and I quit. And within the next year, I had actually surpassed my teaching salary and we have been consistently doing that. My husband, Bob and I are so excited to see what the future holds for us and we thank NeoLife for the opportunity and the Lord for bringing it to our life. Because I didn’t think I would do anything but teach. But it is possible to do part-time and teach, if that is somebody’s passion, but if they’re like me and want to go full-time with, go ahead and do so because I love it!

Bill Eggert
30 years teaching

I would get up at 4 o’clock in the morning to start my lesson plans. I got to school by 7:30 in the morning and didn’t end my day sometimes by as late as 10:30 at night. So, I was pretty exhausted and that’s when I met Shirley. She was my neighbor and she introduced me to the NeoLife products, and I started taking Formula IV; I was very energetic after that– it changed my life. Since I joined with Shirley, her business has totally grown and in fact, we bought a beautiful house on the golf course. We do a lot of traveling and have an R.V. Our lives have been extremely exciting, beneficial, and active.

I’m really excited about sharing the business with my wife. We’ve been in the business for over 60 years and she doesn’t even look 60. We’re really excited that we can continue. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful products thanks to NeoLife. We are excited to share them, for being a teacher, I have a passion for sharing knowledge. This opportunity has allowed me to work with people and share the benefits that NeoLife has. Certainly, NeoLife has enhanced our lives and lifestyle.

Shelley Sheridan
32 years teaching

I just love my profession. I learned about NeoLife about 11 years ago, while I was still teaching and I just fell in love with the products because they worked for me, my husband, and our son. I was so impressed with the science behind the products and the integrity of the company and as an educator, if I know information that would be beneficial to others, I’m going to share it.

As I shared and helped people, extra part-time income was gathering on the side and I was able to use that for some “mum and son” getaways with Mitchell, which became very special memories for me. The people I’ve met along the way and the personal development has been amazing! I love the NeoLife community especially since we moved to a different town and then I retired four years ago, it was just wonderful to have the NeoLife business with all of the friendships. NeoLife has given me a purpose because I was no longer educating in the schools, which has been my life for 32 years, but now I’m educating people in a community and still making an impact on people’s lives.

The residual income gives me the freedom as being retired, however I still have places I want to go and things that I want to do, and this income have been growing as well. And this was wonderful because it now allows me to donate to some of the non-profit organizations that are important to me. Plus, our son Mitchell is now married and living on the other side of Canada and this income helps me to stay connected with them and to bring our families together on some lovely trips, which is just amazing! NeoLife has been so exciting and such a wonderful journey for me and I’m passionate about sharing, looking forward to the future of impacting more lives and meeting new people along the way.

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