How long have you been a NeoLife Promoter?
My husband, Greg and I have been Neolife Promoters since 2017.

How have NeoLife products helped you?
Pre-pregnancy the products helped prepare my body by giving me the prenatal nutrients that I need. I was able to have the energy to workout throughout my pregnancy which also helped me during labor. I had a healthy pregnancy with no complications. Post pregnancy, I continue to take NeoLife to pass on vital nutrients to my baby and it’s also helped me during the recovery process. I also am working out, powered by NeoLife!

What are benefits have you experienced in owning a NeoLife business?
Being a mompreneur has given me the flexibility to work on my own time while also caring for my son. The business has also provided extra income to support some of the expenses of having a newborn.

As a mompreneur, why are you passionate about sharing NeoLife?
I am passionate about sharing NeoLife because I love serving others. I know these products can give everyone, especially mothers, the ability to feel, look, and live their best life! NeoLife provides us as mothers the nutrition we need to be healthy and the tools we need to be successful.


*Pregnant women should always consult their physician about dietary changes, advice and supplementation programs.

Health is our greatest wealth

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