Interviews featuring our newest Ruby Step-Ups who happen to also be powerful women in business. Learn about what they’re doing to grow their business.

LaVonne Vaughan, 3 Ruby Director

NeoLife: You’ve had a lot of experience in this industry and been with a lot of companies. Tell me, when did you realize you found the right place, the right home?

LaVonne: When you have been deceived multiple times, your integrity is standing on the line when you are standing in front of people and telling them that these are the facts when indeed they were not the facts. My conscience would not allow me to share information that was not truthful to people so I walked away from several of those. I was in the middle of having to regain and rebuild my trust so I was learning about the NeoLife product line. I had signed up several people, and I never hosted a meeting until Louis Smith, Diamond Director, came in November. I signed up on August 31, 2013. Louis flew out to Florida to do meetings with me. He believed in me and that I could be a leader. I was in that position of having to learn to trust again. I may have believed in the products, but wanted to test out the leadership now. You have to have both on board. You have to have strong leaders. That was where I was at.

NeoLife: How have the NeoLife products impacted yours and your husband Richard’s life?

LaVonne: When you embark on a journey like this, you don’t know whose life you are going to save and change. Obviously, somebody who participates and takes NeoLife, that person’s life is going to change. My husband was that person. He did initially agree with me that I finally found the real deal, but he was still on the sideline. He did eat whatever he wanted and take the vitamins and supplements whenever he wanted or when I would give it to him, but it wasn’t consistent. It wasn’t until recently around 9 months ago, we discovered some health challenges that had taken a toll on his health. So, he had to make a decision to change his life, which he did. So, I put him on NeoLife products and on a program for his eating habits. He dropped about 40 lbs.* and maintained healthy blood sugar.

NeoLife: What type of events are you doing to continue to grow your business?

LaVonne: We do monthly team events such as dinner and breakfast of champions, some type of event such as ice cream socials, fall festivals, etc. Whatever it is, we create an event for team bonding and at every event, we always promote the next event. I do Getting Started meetings and when someone signs up, I send them to sign up on to view the Getting Started Webinar online. I do a training every single month at a location and pick a topic to go over, such as how to do three-way calls, how to do follow ups properly, how to invite to meetings properly, how to do a coffee shop chat, and basic things like learning about the product line by going through the product catalog. There’s never a time when there’s no information to share because NeoLife has so much golden treasure to share. You will never run out of information and you will never come to an end. Just go into your Back Office and pull the information up. Make an appointment when someone signs up even if they are signing up as a member. Let them know that you are here to serve them and that you are here to help them.**

Nada St. Germain, 2 Ruby Director

NeoLife: What attracted you to NeoLife?

Nada: The products and also the benefits that come with a home-based business. I also liked the time-freedom. I was a police officer for 10 years and I wanted more time-freedom to start a family and take care of my children and be there for them.

NeoLife: How has having time-freedom impacted your life?

Nada: I am forever grateful that I was able to be involved in all my kids’ activities. When they were little, I went to every practice and every game. The only time I would miss it would be if I were to attend Convention, but most of the time, my schedule would be around my kids’ time. Everything was planned around my kids. It was so easy to get involved with my kids’ activities. That time is precious to me because you cannot take that time back once it is lost. So many families struggle not being able to attend their kids’ activities because they are after school and it would be difficult to get to the events on time. For me, mealtime was really important for us. Many nights, we would have an early dinner, healthy meals, and then we are off to sporting events.

NeoLife: What are you doing now that’s growing your business?

Nada: Social media. I’m constantly posting videos on Instagram and Facebook. I receive texts from people who want to buy the products after seeing my post. I also do a lot of video conferences via Zoom, which is an amazing tool. I recently signed up someone in Hawaii and have been planning Spa Hours with them via Zoom calls. We do a lot of Healthy Hours and Spa Hours. Having these different events are key. You need to have a variety of different activities happening because people will pick and choose which event they would want to go to. We do a lot of booths as well. The smaller community ones are cheaper. These consistent events will give the consistent flow of meeting new people.

NeoLife: What motivates you to continue to grow your business?

Nada: I want my team to experience what I have experienced. I want my team to experience the ranch at Leadership School. Just knowing that they will be experiencing that and will be going to the most incredible place in the world in the spring, that to me is so inspirational, I get so excited. Even being in Hawaii. I want my team to be in Hawaii with me. That’s what excites me —having people there to experience the lifestyle and understand that they can have this too. They can have the time-freedom. They can build an incredible business opportunity.

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