noah_0'danielWhat was your motivation for joining the 90-Day Challenge? 
My motivation for starting this Challenge was to see if NeoLife could help me reach the big goals I set and boost my overall fitness levels. I was shocked to win the 30-Day Challenge so I wanted to continue to push myself and see if I had it in me to win the 90-Day. I set some tough goals that I never had even thought possible but was determined to reach them!

What was your 90-Day goal?
I set out to complete my first half marathon ever in under a two hour time limit. I honestly never even dreamed of completing a half marathon in my life before, but I set out to do it as one of my goals. I also set out to complete another Spartan sprint race; in under 2 hours – which would exceed my last time back in March by over an hour. The Spartan race is about 4.5 miles long packed with 25 tough obstacles. Another big goal of mine was to increase my dead-lift max (350) by another 25 pounds.

How did your Health Pack help you to achieve your goal?
My half marathon was 2 days after Thanksgiving which I was kinda worried about my time because of all the eating I would be doing right before the race. I stayed on track with my running and was more than surprised by my time of 1:58:20.  This was a major achievement of mine and I am really impressed how the Vitality Pack seemed to make it easier to run and train considering that’s the farthest I’ve ever ran in my life.*

noah_o'daniel2I was very scared of not reaching my time for the Spartan race because I ran my half marathon the weekend before. The race took place in Atlanta, our start time was at 7:45 am and it was freezing cold. Training for this race was even tougher this time around because I wanted to beat my previous time. I ran it over an hour faster with a time of 1:09:17. I was shocked to hear my time – I couldn’t believe the results I had using the Vitality Pack.*

I’m so impressed with the overall results I’ve had using from the Vitality Pack because I was able to dead-lift 385 pounds. That was 10 pounds over my goal. Thanks to the Vitality Pack I’ve had so much energy throughout these 90 days of intense training and competing. I’m so happy to have accomplished everything that I set out to achieve for my Challenge. I never imagined that I would feel this fit and great about myself, and exceed all these goals.*

How has NeoLife positively impacted your life? 
This 90-Day Challenge has really challenged me to be the best I can be. The Vitality Pack has really increased my energy and has helped me keep up my average of training 4 days a week. Training simultaneously, for both a half marathon and heavy dead-lift was definitely a challenge for me. I was doing a dead-lift based workout about once every two weeks. The Vitality Pack was a major factor in giving me the energy and endurance to train for all my goals.*

What is one tip you would give to someone new to the Challenge? 
For me, it helped to have buddy up with friends to stay on track. This works because there are going to be days you just don’t feel like working out and having a friend help by working out or training with you is great accountability.



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