All About Blood Pressure

By Dr. Laszlo Somogyi
SAB Member

In response to frustrating events people often say they can “feel their blood pressure rising,” but what does that mean? Blood pressure measures the force of blood flowing through blood vessels as part of the cardiovascular system. Proper blood flow regulation is important. The body needs blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body, while also removing cells’ metabolic waste. Blood circulates when the heart contracts and expands; the resulting heartbeat pushes the blood in a loop throughout the body, carrying oxygen-rich blood to muscles and organs and oxygen-depleted blood back to the lungs to receive more oxygen and continue the cycle.Read More

News You Can Use: Thinking About Our Brains

The brain is an incredible, complex organ that is the seat of human intelligence and controller of behavior. The brain controls thought, emotions, memory, motor skills, breathing and other processes that regulate our bodies and keep us alive.1 All this in an organ that weighs about 3 pounds in the average adult. Learning more about this fascinating organ helps us understand how we think and how we can support our brain health and cognitive abilities.Read More

Brain Food – 7 Nutrients for a Healthy Brain

As our entire sense of self — our thoughts, actions, and feelings — originate from the brain and actions of neurons, it’s clearly important to do what we can to support a healthy brain and normal neurotransmitter function. One crucial component for maintaining cognitive health, as well as overall healthy aging, is a well-balanced and diverse diet.Read More

Eat a Rainbow: Why it matters & How to supplement the gaps

By Dr. Diane E. Clayton
SAB Member

Why does Fruit and Vegetable Intake Matter?
There is overwhelming evidence that higher fruit and vegetable (F&V) consumption is associated with lower incidence of chronic diseases.1,2 One of today’s biggest focus areas in nutritional research is to explain the reasons why fruit and vegetable intake has such a positive effect on our health. Is it the valuable vitamin and mineral content? The fiber content? Or could it be due to the very diverse array of phytonutrients that F&V contain? Maybe all of these play a role? Naturally, there is a clear need to better understand the protective effects of F&V and their constituent bioactive phytonutrients.Read More

Jingle Well: Boosting Immune Health During Holiday Travel

By Dr. David Shepherd
SAB Member

After the problems and restrictions of the pandemic many of us feel like getting away for pleasure or to visit loved ones. However, even before we reach our destination there are a hundred things to take care of. Find a place to go to, organize how to get there, what clothes we need. All this adds to our stress even before we leave. When we speak of stress it usually means we are stressing our immune system, which makes us vulnerable to health problems. Taking care of our wellbeing before we leave on a trip is probably the last thing on our check list.Read More

Everyday Energy

Dr. Todd Miller
Scientific Advisory Board member

Energy drinks are beverages that contain stimulant compounds, primarily caffeine, which are marketed as providing mental and physical stimulation. They typically contain sugar (often in excessive amounts) and other sweeteners, herbal extracts, and a variety of amino acid and micronutrient combinations. They come in a staggering number of flavors, sizes, colors, and ingredient combinations, and are most often consumed by people who are looking for a quick and easy way to boost their energy levels. For example, students, athletes, and people who work long hours make up the most common consumers of energy drinks.Read More

Stay Sharp!

Support brain health with the right foods and supplements

By Dr. Liz Applegate
SAB Member

Quick thinking and keen memory are both key attributes for job success as well as a streamlined life. Researchers now know that keeping your brain in tip-top shape takes eating the right foods. Your brain functions its best in your 20s and then begins a gradual decline in memory and cognitive skills such as problem solving with measurable losses by your 40s and 50s. There is greater decline of cognitive function in your 70s and 80s. And just as with heart health, decline of brain health and function can be accelerated by poor diet.Read More


Elevate is a delicious nootropic energy drink carefully formulated with ingredients to boost physical energy, improve mental focus, and support balanced mood, all while hydrating the body.*Read More

NeoLife: Decades of Excellence

NeoLife: Decades of Excellence

By John Miller,
SAB Director, Product Technologist, Researcher

When I was asked to write this blog, I was excited to embark on the project. After all, I had a front row seat from which to observe it for 55 years. How much fun that will be, I thought.

Being an analytical type, I started by first thinking about what the word “excellent” represents. Dictionary definitions are always pretty good references. I chose Webster’s New World College Dictionary: “Excellent, adjective; Outstandingly good of its kind; of exceptional merit, virtue, etc.” No surprise there.Read More

3 Common Nutrient Shortfalls to Look Out For

3 Common Nutrient Shortfalls to Look Out For

By Christina Siu,
Technical Marketing Manager

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone on which good health is built. Nutrients in the diet provide fuel for your body, allowing it to properly function and maintain itself. There are different types of essential nutrients that can be grouped into two main categories: macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and lipids) which are needed in larger quantities, and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that are required in smaller amounts.Read More

Fueling a Lifetime of Health

Fueling a Lifetime of Health: Early Nutrition for Children’s Long-Term Wellbeing

By Dr. Arianna Carughi,
Scientific Advisory Board member

As parents we always want to give children the best chances for a long and healthy life. One way we can do this is to focus on their nutrition from the very beginning. Children go through a phenomenal growth and development phase during their growing years. Their body weight doubles many times over from the time that they are born. Nutrients provide their bodies’ building blocks, the energy with which to fuel growth and the essential vitamins and minerals that make the reactions necessary for growth to happen. Childhood is also a time where the immune system is fine tuning and is called upon to respond to some of its greatest challenges. It is also a time when cognitive skills and personalities are developing. Finally, we are learning more and more about the profound impact that early nutrition has on health later in life. We know now that health decisions parents make today can determine not only whether children are meeting nutrient needs to support healthy growth and development, but also if they will live to 60, 80 or beyond.Read More

NeoLife’s Golden Home Care: Leading the Way in Clean Ingredient Selection

By Mark Lowman,
Scientific Advisory Board member

A wise frog once lamented that it is not easy being green. Taken in the context of home care products, he could be right if being green is not part of a company’s philosophy – the way the company conducts itself with careful consideration for the environment and for the people using the product.

That is exactly how NeoLife is with its Golden Home Care line of cleaning products. It is part of our company’s culture and philosophy to be mindful of the potential impact on the environment that cleaning products can have both inside and outside the home. You could say that NeoLife was green long before the term became a buzzword. In fact, NeoLife cared about the environment before it became cool, so for us it really is not too hard to be green.
Read More