How does it feel to be 1 Ruby Directors?
It feels awesome! So extremely grateful for the amazing leadership at NeoLife, in our upline, and in our downline. We are surrounded by terrific people who elevate us, encourage us, and make us better. So blessed by the many customers that trust NeoLife and consistently take the world’s best whole food supplements to support their high energy lives.

How has NeoLife impacted your life?
The impact on our health was not immediate but as we took them consistently, we began to see incredible results. Challenges both Jenise and I faced were eliminated one by one. It is amazing how wonderfully made we are by God, and when our bodies get the nutrition we need, healing, strength, vitality, and energy can be ours. As parents of 11 children, expecting our 7th grandchild, running multiple businesses, and living a life full of travel, adventure and ministry, having high performing health is a precious gift beyond measure. Life, family, and business is an energy game and A players want the best. The consistent monthly income is a delight and has contributed to a life of financial freedom and the opportunity to bless others.

What led you to start building the business?
Jenise couldn’t help herself! Early on we had trouble affording the supplements we wanted to take. So, Jenise loved the fact that we could share and help defray the costs. Jenise has always felt compelled to share when she hears of others suffering with health and energy challenges. She has prioritized being the best wife on earth and full time homeschool teacher/mama to our children, and along the way, here and there, shared what has blessed her so much. I joined her several years back when I realized that I wanted to shift my attention from manufacturing to people transformation. I truly believe that NeoLife is a life transformation business that helps people transform their health while also being the best possible business for personal growth and financial freedom for most aspiring entrepreneurs.

What tools are you using to build the business?
The best tools in the business are between your ears, and in your chest. Yep, your head and your heart. Not necessarily in that order. Passion is power. Caring about people, caring enough to share what has impacted us so greatly and keeping the right mindset as we build. Jenise loves walking people one on one through the Product Catalog. Very old school. Very effective. NeoLife has a ton of resources, all very good. We are constantly attempting to add value to the people in our lives, and when we hear of a need, we share.

How do you encourage and empower leaders in your team?
The most effective seasons of growth have come from when we model and do. When we share, recruit, and build, others do the same. We have done everything from consistent weekly Zoom calls to one-on-one touch bases and showing up at events. I think more than anything…we never quit. We are also so grateful for the leaders in our upline, and our leaders on our Team, who fill in the gaps. We are surrounded by a Team of champions.

How do you see the future?
The future of NeoLife is better than ever! I truly believe the next 5 years are going to be record breaking in every way. Kendra and the Leadership Team continue to listen to the Promoters and implement changes that make this business faster and easier to build. The integrity and efficacy of the products have remained constant for more than sixty years, there is nobody in the world that has what we have. There has never been a better time to build a NeoLife business. The community we are building is absolutely amazing and world class. It is deeply satisfying to see people transform their lives by investing in their health. It is also incredibly rewarding to see people better their financial situations by working diligently to build a business. NeoLife does both.

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