nancy_chasonNancy Chason
Lost Over 25 lbs. with Breakfast Pack

What was your motivation for joining the 90-Day Challenge?
First off, having a 1-Year Challenge Champion, Jon Scaman as an upline has been a huge motivator to stick with my goals! After my 30-Day Challenge, I wanted to move into a more focused exercise regimen to reduce my weight and help my body’s ability to handle doing a 5k, which is something I had never tried before. I knew working out and training would allow me to gain strength & not be “out of breath” after walking up a couple of flights of stairs.

What was your 90-Day goal?
My 90-Day goal was to continue hitting 10,000 daily steps, incorporate focused 30 minute workouts 3 times a week and complete a 5k. I’m happy to report that I completed several 5k’s and what’s even more exciting is that I knocked 7 minutes off of my best time! I have never been this excited in my life. Now my 1-Year goal is to run a 5k in 45 minutes.

How did your Health Pack help you to achieve your goal?
I wake up each morning ready to get moving! It goes without saying that using my Breakfast Pack each morning gives me so much energy! My coworkers are always amazed at how much energy I have when I get into the office! These products along with NeoLifeTea and Tré give me huge amounts of energy that lasts all day! By the end of the day I’m still powering through! These products have totally changed my life and I couldn’t function as I do now without them!

product_breakfast_packBreakfast Pack nancy_chason_products_nlteaNeoLifeTea nancy_chason_products_treTré

nancy_chason_after2How has the Challenge positively impacted your life?
My insurance agent contacted me recently regarding my reconsideration of rates for my life insurance policy that I requested back in December due to the improvements in my health since taking NeoLife products! The agent was so impressed with my numbers in blood work and weight loss that they’re actually moving me from the standard company into the preferred company which will cut my insurance premium in half! I never thought this would be possible at 50!

A combination of using whole food nutrition, mindful eating and working out like I do has allowed me to feel great! I’ve never felt this good EVER. Again, at 50 years old, to go from being a couch potato to someone who is completing 5k’s is something I would have never thought possible for myself!

What is one tip you would give to someone new to the Challenge?
Make a conscious effort to get out of the bed and “get moving”! Once you do, THERE WILL BE NO STOPPING YOU! Even if you have an off day (and you will, trust me, I have had several), keep getting up and moving! The rewards are endless!


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†Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 5.27 lbs. over a 12 week period.