Pro rugby players are sharing their secret to success on and off the field – NeoLife whole food nutrition! Watch the video as they share their favorite products and the health benefits they are experiencing. 

Johnny Kotze
Favorite products: NeoLifeShake and Pro Vitality

“I take NeoLifeShake in the morning, it keeps me fuller longer and everlasting energy. I take Pro Vitality in the morning and evening just to protect, feed and regulate my cells for the ultimate training sessions.”

Cornal Hendricks
Favorite products: Zinc & PhytoDefense

“I highly recommend Zinc because it helps with growth and development, immune function and cellular repair. I take NeoLife products before bed for recovery so I can be fresh at training the next day and big matches. I also take PhytoDefense, that comes in a packet which makes it easy to throw in my bag and take.”

Embrose Papier
Favorite products: Super C and Super B

“I use Super C to stay healthy so I don’t miss any games and Super B helps me to stay calm in stressful situations.”

Burger Odendaal
Favorite products: Cal-Mag and PhytoDefense

“I use the full range of products. Cal-Mag helps me to get extra magnesium in my system to help me with cramps on the field. And PhytoDefense helps me get in my daily dose of fruits and vegetables that I need.”

Ivan van Zyl
Favorite products: Acidophilus Plus and Full Motion

“We have training sessions several times a day so it’s important for us to look after our joints. That’s why I take Full Motion every single day. When you’re traveling from country to country you don’t get to choose your food every time on the plane so Acidophilus Plus is just something that helps with your gut and making sure it’s healthy. It’s something I always recommend to people that are traveling.”

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