digestionThe market for over-the-counter digestive aids is in the millions. While many of the common approaches to address digestive troubles may temporarily treat the symptoms, they don’t address the long-term cause of the problems. And as the symptoms reappear, people increase their consumption of digestive aids, leading to a longterm heavy use which can make the underlying problem worse. Here’s a look at the 6 most common problems with digestion and how NeoLife offers the solution.

Problem #1:  Too little hydrochloric acid
Hypochlorhydria — too little hydrochloric acid in the stomach — is a common digestive disorder. Around age 30, the stomach begins to secrete less hydrochloric acid. This decline continues over the years. Overeating, excessive alcohol, or the habitual use of antacids may also dilute the concentration of stomach acid, reducing the total amount of hydrochloric acid available for digestion. Without sufficient hydrochloric acid, most foods cannot be broken down enough to release certain nutrients for absorption. Or nutrients whose carriers require an acid environment in the stomach may not be absorbed efficiently later on in the intestines. The result may be wasted nutrients, intestinal discomfort, or medical problems. Therefore, even if the diet is nutrient-rich, incomplete digestion can contribute to a nutrient deficiency. Food that is only partially digested is hindered in its movement through the digestive tract.

The NeoLife Solution: 
NeoLife Beta-Gest supplies the stomach with hydrochloric acid in the form of betaine hydrochloride. In addition, Beta-Gest also supplies plant based enzymes to further support the digestion of protein and lactose. Beta-Gest works synergistically with NeoLife Enzyme Digestive Aid, which provides a broad spectrum of plant based digestive enzymes using target delivery technology so that the enzymes are delivered intact to the intestines where they go to work to support the digestion process that began in the stomach.  These 2 powerful products are conveniently combined in NeoLife Beta-Zyme, for a one-two punch that provides support to the stomach and intestinal digestion.*

Problem #2: Overburdened enzyme supplies
At times we overindulge in the wrong kinds of foods. Or we eat too fast. Too much food may overburden the capacity of a limited supply of digestive enzymes to break down complex foods into their simpler components.

The NeoLife Solution: 
This is a particularly common issue as we age, and it can be a serious nutritional problem.  A reduced level of digestive enzymes in the body means that less nutrition is “extracted” from the foods we eat. Enzyme Digestive Aid supplies a high level of plant based, digestive enzymes along with bile salts and dehydrocholic acid to support the body’s break down and complete digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.  The targeted delivery technology protects the active ingredients from the stomach environment and releases in the intestines where they are most effective.*

Problem #3: Too little lactase
Lactose is a sugar found in milk and other dairy products. The digestive enzyme that breaks it into components small enough to absorb and utilize is called lactase. Insufficient lactase may result in lactose malabsorption, or intolerance, characterized by abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, and diarrhea. The severity of the symptoms varies depending on the amount of lactose ingested and the degree of the enzyme deficiency. Lactase added to foods may reduce discomfort associated with lactose malabsorption.

The NeoLife Solution: 
Beta-Gest contains lactase to support the digestion of lactose (milk sugar) and to help avoid the uncomfortable effects of lactose malabsorption.  The lactase in Beta-Gest is non-animal sourced, for a 100% plant sourced digestive support in a base of dried beet, licorice root and lemon pectin.

Problem #4: Unbalanced intestinal flora
When beneficial good bacteria are destroyed by poor diet choices, use of antibiotics and other prescription and OTC pharmaceuticals, stress, and poor health, unhealthy microorganisms can take over and wreak havoc on the digestive and immune system.

The NeoLife Solution: 
NeoLife Acidophilus Plus is the solution to re-balance the population of intestinal bacteria and to help eliminate the growth of bad microbes.  Acidophilus Plus delivers five strains of beneficial, lactic acid producing bacteria directly to the intestines to help support a healthy balance of “good” bacteria.  NeoLife’s exclusive Gel-Gard Enteric Delivery System guarantees that the beneficial bacteria are delivered directly to the intestines.  This is very important because it is these types of bacteria that digest sugars, including lactose, into lactic acid which supports a healthy intestinal environment.  The probiotic bacteria in Acidophilus Plus also help to produce vitamins, support normal digestive functions and help to promote a healthy immune system.*

Problem #5:  Not enough fiber
A high-fiber diet helps keep intestinal function smooth and regular and supports optimal health. Dietary fiber does more than just contribute to the feeling of “fullness.” It increases the bulk of the intestinal contents, speeding their transit through the intestines and increasing the frequency of elimination. It also supports the metabolic activities of “good” bacteria and binds bile acids and cholesterol. Populations consuming high fiber diets have a low incidence of intestinal disorders such as diverticulitis, polyps, colitis, hemorrhoids, and cancer. However, despite fiber’s many proven benefits, most people don’t get anywhere near the 20-35 gm of dietary fiber recommended by the National Cancer Institute. The average person only consumes 12 gm of fiber per day.

The NeoLife Solution: 
The perfect NeoLife solution to the under-consumption of fiber is All Natural Fiber Food and Drink Mix.  Each serving provides as much fiber as two apples and contains Neo-Polyfibe which helps remove cholesterol without removing nutrients. The fiber found in All Natural Fiber is sourced from twelve different whole-food sources including fruit, vegetables and oats for a broad-spectrum of fiber types.  All Natural Fiber is a complete source of fiber in that it supplies soluble and insoluble fiber and all five types of fiber – cellulose, hemicellulose, gum, lignin and pectin – needed to maintain good digestive health and also to support proper elimination.  In addition, the fibers found in All Natural Fiber can act as prebiotics to support a population of good intestinal probiotic bacteria which further supports gastrointestinal health.  And for those times when proper elimination becomes an issue, NeoLife’s Neo-Lax encourages a mild cleansing action to aid the body’s natural processes.  Neo-Lax contains a proprietary formula of 8 herbs that support proper elimination, liver health and blood cleansing, kidney function and stool softening and regularity.*

Problem #6:  Stress induced imbalance
Stress is a major cause of digestive imbalance and digestive system illness.

The NeoLife Solution: 
Many of us have experienced the effects that stress has on our digestive system.  Besides the products already mentioned, NeoLife Aloe Vera Plus was developed to support stress relief, digestive function and immune system support.  Aloe Vera gel used in Aloe Vera Plus has been shown to support gastrointestinal health and proper elimination as well as to support a normal inflammatory response. In addition, ingredients of the Herbal Tea Blend such as chamomile and passionflower have been shown to support calmness and relaxation, and the eluthero/ginseng supports energy and vitality.  Sitting down with a glass of Aloe Vera Plus us a great way to naturally de-stress and revitalize.*

Approaches to Healthy Digestion
Safe and gentle, NeoLife digestive supplements are formulated to support the natural activities of the digestive system. Based in nature and backed by science, they address the underlying causes of digestive troubles, not just the symptoms. Along with appropriate food choices, they contribute to the stability of the gastrointestinal environment and promote optimal digestive function in the stomach, intestine and colon.

NeoLife has formulated a series of leading-edge products to address the most common “problem areas” within the digestive tract. Employing the most recent scientific findings and selecting only the finest natural ingredients, the NeoLife Scientific Advisory Board has created a product line of digestive aids to provide complete and balanced support for the entire system. To support the natural balance of the digestive tract, our products provide vital acids, enzymes, “good” bacteria, fiber, and other healthful factors. Plant-sourced and naturally derived ingredients work with the body to enhance digestion so that you are able to unlock the complete nutritional power of the foods you eat.

Bring better digestion to the table. NeoLife’s specifically targeted formulas deliver a broad range of digestive support so you can enjoy a wide variety of foods with confidence and comfort.*

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Mark Lowman
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