We awarded $6k to our first 90 Day Challenge winners of the year! From running a first ever full marathon to losing over 40 pounds, they have proven that the NeoLife Challenge can make your health resolutions a reality.

Nichole Lewis lost 35 lbs.
with Breakfast Solution

It’s hard to put into words just how life changing the 90 Day Challenge has been- it’s been the best thing ever! My physical changes are amazing; I’ve lost 35 lbs.†, gone down a couple pant sizes and a shirt size. I love that I’ve already had to purge my closet of the larger sizes, I never thought I would wear.

The quality of my life has done a 180. After a double mastectomy and almost 2 years of surgeries, I had gone into such a deep sadness because of how I felt and looked. I couldn’t get the scale to budge no matter what I did. Also, I couldn’t perform more than one task without feeling completely exhausted. I literally felt like a new person after one week of my NeoLifeShakes and NeoLife vitamins.*

The Breakfast Soliton gave me energy I didn’t think I was ever going to get back.* I don’t have to nap at all during the day and I have energy to want to go to gym. My mental state is 150% better.*

Colleen Baughman lost 48 lbs.
with Vitality Solution

Last April, I hated looking in the mirror, the woman looking back at me was not me, I felt horrible all the time, and had no energy. Since being in the Challenge I have noticed a reduction in my chest, waist, and legs. My bra size is smaller, shirts fit loose, and my lower thighs no longer rub when I walk. My face has slimmed down to the point where my glasses are too big. Now I can breathe easier and walk faster and longer. I have more stamina to keep up with my busy family-life without taking so many breaks. My quality of life has improved tremendously!*


Melinda Jolly Ran 1st Marathon
with Weight Loss Solution

This was a challenge that I never imagined myself doing. The cool thing is, I also got to do it with my biggest cheerleader and motivator, my husband. When we started our marathon training program, it was a blend between cross training and running, lots of running. Within the first month, we ran over 72 miles. After that, we reached 105 miles, then we completed a half marathon and a 5K. After another month, we tracked over 430 miles and hadn’t even completed our marathon yet. Finally, we took on our challenge running the marathon in 5.5 hours.

During training, we saw people drop out due to injuries, getting sick, and giving up. But we had something they didn’t– NeoLife, the community and the products; UpBeet, Performance Pack, Breakfast Solution, and Bio-Tone. On the day of the race, we drank UpBeet as pre-workout, we consumed a Performance Pack packet halfway for an extra boost, and recovered with Bio-Tone. During this Challenge I also lost 5 lbs. and became more toned.

Kristin Simmons Lost 12.6 lbs.
with Breakfast Solution

I wasn’t happy with my body or how I felt, I wanted to be stronger, have more energy, and get more fit! I was encouraged by the rewards for winning the NeoLife Challenge and mostly that if I could achieve goals and win, I could inspire others and grow my business. I started with the 3-Day Detox then continued with 1-2 NeoLifeShakes a day, along with Pro Vitality, UpBeet and healthy meal and snack options. Eating more protein and eating more times a day were key at the beginning. Also, UpBeet helped me push harder in my workouts and have more endurance! I have gained more muscle and stamina! My cardio has improved, and I can lift more in the gym. The biggest change to me though is that my determination and perseverance has grown so much over this process and now I am excited to continue in the 1 Year Challenge.*

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
† Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 5.27 lbs. over a 12 week period.