denise_jennings90-Day Challenge Winner
Denise Jennings
Lost 35 lbs. using Breakfast Pack

What was your motivation for joining the 90-Day Challenge?
NeoLife has motivated me to be my best. The superior quality of the products has given me confidence to move forward with my health goals. Today, I feel better than I have felt in 30 years. Now, I have the energy and motivation to not only set short & long-term goals for myself, but have confidence they will happen. I knew NeoLifeShake, the complete protein would satisfy my appetite and give me the nutritional support my body needs. I loved knowing I would have support & accountability.

What was your 90-Day goal?
My goal was to lose weight, but mostly, I wanted to look and feel better. I knew that I was carrying too much weight around my middle. I have not been able to get rid of this problem area for nearly thirty years, and I was extremely excited when, in addition to my weight loss, 4 inches came off my waist and another 4 inches came off my hips.

How did your Health Pack help you to achieve your goal?
The Breakfast Pack provided everything I needed nutritionally and left me feeling energized and content each day. I loved having the different flavors of NeoLifeShake to make fun drinks and often enjoyed drinking the protein mixed with water. When traveling, I was able to use the convenient NeoLifeShake packets. I also loved the NeoLifeBar with NeoLifeTea, which made a perfect snack to satisfy cravings between shakes.

How has the Challenge positively impacted your life?
The Challenge has enabled me to focus on my weight loss goals and motivated me to achieve them. It has helped to discipline my eating habits to the point that eating for wellness is now my lifestyle. Thanks to the Challenge, I feel younger, have more energy, and being lighter has alleviated pain in my leg and hip. I’m also more positive about my appearance. I am encouraged and excited to continue this healthy path and to build upon this progress by entering the 1-Year Challenge.*

What is one tip you would give to someone new to the Challenge?
Set goals that are realistic for your situation and body, and then take one day at a time. Learn about the products and understand how well they will satisfy and sustain you.


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†Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 5.27 lbs. over a 12 week period.